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Pump Maintenance

  1. Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

    Based on our data from the last 5 years, historically we see a spike in sump pump purchases each Spring.

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  2. Spring Pond Pump Maintenance

    With spring around the corner, people are anxious to be outside and

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  3. Checking Your Pump’s Rotation

    water pump flow direction

    Regular pump maintenance is a critical measure for ensuring the safety and longevity of your pump. One of the most basic, but nevertheless, important steps of maintenance is checking your pump’s rotation. Sometimes, the direction of rotation can be reversed during initial setup or reinstallation or plant wiring changes.

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  4. Sprinkler Pump Maintenance

    We demand a lot out of pumps. In addition to the immense pressure under which they operate, there

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  5. Cleaning Your Pond Pump

    Cleaning a Pond Pump

    Cleaning your submersible pond pump

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  6. Preparing your water pump for winter

    We use outdoor water pumps or fountains, irrigation systems, pond aeration and much more. But when winter comes, these pumps need to be shut down and the systems prepared for the cold months ahead. How do you winterize a water pump?
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  7. Impact of Tariffs on Pump Prices

    On May 29th, 2018, the US Government announced new 25% import tariffs on approximately $50B of goods imported into the United States from China, under Section 301 of the Trade Expansion Act, with an effective date of July 6, 2018. Included in the HTSUS codes which are impacted by these new tariffs are pumps, motors, and other components. On August 1, 2018, most of the new prices will be applied.
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  8. Pump Troubleshooting Water Pump Problems: Low suction or flow rate

    Your water pump is primed and the liquid is flowing… kind of. One of the more common problems with water pumps is a reduced or lower than expected water flow. When you need to dewater the jobsite, low flow means more downtime for the crew, costing money and putting deadlines at risk. Often, low water flow is less about your water pump and more to do with the situation. Below are a few things to review to troubleshoot water pump problems involving low water flow.
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  9. Troubleshooting Water Pump Problems: Priming

    Many companies rely on water pumps. From factories to construction to agriculture and more, business depends on water pumps, so when they stop working properly, it can cost time and money. Being able to troubleshoot water pump problems on site can save time and money. By knowing what pump issues cause which performance problems, you can begin pump repair or replacement more quickly.
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  10. Proud Distributor For AMT Pump

    AMT Pump has been in the business for over 70 years. Manufacturing & testing their pumps in Royersford, Pennsylvania, AMT Pump Company is a dedicated American manufacturer of high-quality pumps. We believe in the AMT Pump approach to the industry and are proud to be an AMT Pump Distributor.
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  11. Pump Controllers

    The primary reason for using a pump controller is to minimize or prevent damage to the pump. Pumps are designed to work within specific parameters, and the pump controllers identify when things fall outside those parameters and signal the pump to change, usually to shut down.
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  12. Cavitation Prevention in Pumps

    The idea of pumping fluids seems simple to some people. This leads to poorly designed pumping systems. To prevent cavitation, systems must be designed with the proper pump, inlet and discharge dimensions, and the proper distance between the pump and the fluid source and the discharge head. Working with an engineer at your pump distributor can ensure that the system is designed properly.
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  13. Get The Right Centrifugal Pump Impeller Type

    It is possible that your needs vary to such a degree that you will either need two pumps or must accept less efficient pumps in the ideal conditions in order to have a pump that can handle the outlying situations. Don’t cut corners on your pump. Downtime and repairs may cause more headaches than you imagine.
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  14. Why is my centrifugal water pump not pumping as much water?

    When you first got it, your centrifugal water pump was performing flawlessly. It sucked water and discharged it beautifully. But lately, you’ve noticed it is taking longer to prime. And once the pump is primed, it seems to discharge with less force
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