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AMT repair kits and pump parts can ship from stock or within 24hrs.

PumpBiz keeps a huge inventory or AMT Pump parts which you may search by part number, IPT pump model number, Pump model name. For a list of AMT parts click here.  For a copy of the AMT / IPT pump repair manual and parts list. US pump parts or AMT IPT pump repair.

Need help trouble shooting your American machine Tool pump problems or repairs, picking which parts? Let our experienced pump experts at PumpBiz help you. Remember we are not just a extensive and technical web site, there are seasoned pump industry service and application Engineers ready to help you with live knowledgeable and friendly help.  Need the seal kit or parts fast, no problem. Its simple 800-PumpBiz (786-7249) or email us.

CALL PumpBiz 800-PUMPBIZ (786-7249) Chicago, IL suburbs FOR ALL YOU AMT PUMP PARTS...WE HAVE THEM ALL. Repair also available.

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  1. AMT Pumps

    Shaft seal kit Buna


    Shaft seal assembly Buna N. Carbon / Ceramic with Stainless steel spring. Replacement pump part for AMT, OTS, IPT pump models with a electric motor, often a 56J. 282x
    Buna Carbon/Ceramic Learn More
  2. AMT Pumps

    Shaft Seal kit Viton



    Commercial Pump mechanical seal kit with ceramic / carbon / Viton. Items #9 & 10 on parts list. AMT 282x pumps 4012043 

    Also know as a mechanical shaft seal. Two halves, one which is stationary and installed in the rear / motor bracket and the se...

    Viton Carbon / Ceramic Learn More
  3. AMT Pumps

    Shaft Seal Viton



    Seal kit for AMT pumps like 4897-97, 489x-98, 490x-98. Pumps made of bronze or stainless steel. Carbon / ceramic / Viton / 316ss.

    1640-161-99 has been replaced by 1640-161-97

    OEM parts for AMT IPT industrial pumps. PumpBiz stocks a complete inve...

    repair part Learn More
  4. AMT Pumps

    Gasket & O-ring kit Viton



    AMT Gasket & O-ring kit Viton, AMT pump parts.

    Includes rubber gasket and steel pins and screws. Viton for AMT IPT pumps like 394E, F, 399C- pumps.

    PumpBiz stocks a full set of AMT repair parts ready for immeadiate delivery. 

    For 10 & 15HP Viton Learn More
  5. AMT Pumps

    Cleanout Cover w/handles


    Cleanout Cover kit with handles for AMT trash pumps 394E, F, 399C- pumps
    10 & 15HP Learn More
  6. AMT Pumps

    Shaft Seal Kit Buna


    Seal kit for AMT pumps like 4897-97 4901-95. Carbon / ceramic / Buna / 316ss. Shaft seal is both halves / parts. See manual for removal and installation instructions.
    Buna shaft seal Learn More
  7. AMT Pumps

    Mechanical shaft seal


    Genuine AMT pump parts, Mechanical shaft seal replacement for AMT Suction coolant pump. 15MM size. Use on coolant pump 5351-

    Need help trouble shooting your pump problems or repairs, picking which parts? Let the experienced AMT pump experts at Pu...

  8. AMT Pumps

    Flapper Valve Kit



    Suction Flapper Valve kit.

    Includes rubber flapper valve gasket and steel weight. Check Valve Assembly - Neoprene 394E, F, 399C- pumps.  

    Need help trouble shooting your American machine Tool pump problems or repairs, picking which parts? Let ou...

    10 & 15HP Learn More
  9. AMT Pumps

    Seal Rebuild Kit



    Pump Parts genuine AMT Seal Rebuild kit.

    Kit includes shaft seal, casing o-ring and impeller screw o-ring. PumpBiz stocks most AMT / IPT pump parts ready for same day shipment. AMT stamped stainless pumps 547x-98 548x-98 series.

    The rotating hal...

    Carbon / Ceramic / Viton Learn More
  10. AMT Pumps

    Mechanical shaft seal SiC


    AMT Pump Parts mechanical shaft seal assembly. Viton elastomers. Use on pump installed option 370X-300-VS. Specified in more engine coolant pumps than any other seal from any manufacturer. Designed for use in small centrifugal water pumps, de...
    Viton/Sic Learn More
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