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MP Flomax Pump. MP is a domestic pump manufacture of 316 Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, and Bronze end suction and self priming centrifugal pumps which are commonly used in all industries including hot oil transfer, Petroleum, Bio-Fuels, Marine, Agricultural, chemical and construction. Water and chemical pumps. Trash, sewage, irrigation pump.

Centrifugal pumps made by MP are available in a wide choice of materials and drive types: Electric (115 / 230 /460v, 12/24Vdc, gas engine, hydraulic and PTO / frame mount. MP's Flomax is proudly machined and assembled in Fraser, MI.  The recent U.S. tariffs do not affect our Cast Iron, Ductile and Bronze pumps.

Flowmax Jager Chemflo. Michigan. Pumps for trenchless machines mixing drilling fluid additives with water and delivering the slurry to horizontal directional drilling units for drilling, backreaming, and product pullback. Installation, Operation and Repair Manuals

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  1. MP

    316SS Self prime pump FMX75



    316SS Self Prime Pump for chemicals, salt water or many other liquids where corrosion is a problem by MP. Marine Boat air conditioning is a big market for these pumps. Model FMX75 is a high performance self-priming 316 stainless steel centrifugal ...

    115v TENV Learn More
  2. MP

    FM8 SS Self Priming Pump w/ Motor


    FM8 Flomax 8 stainless steel pumps are self-priming pumps, pipe size 2" NPT. Electric Motor Driven Pump using a Close-Coupled Electric Motor 3HP.The FLOMAX® series of pumps are commonly used in Industrial, OEM, Agricultural and Marine applicatio...
    3HP 230/460v SS Learn More
  3. MP

    Stainless Steel FM 8 w/ 2HP Motor


    Flomax 8 are self-priming pumps, pipe size 2" NPT. Electric Motor Driven Pump using a Close-Coupled SS
  4. MP

    Chemflo 6 316SS Centrifugal



    316SS Chemical pump by MP, ChemFlo 6

    Made with high quality investment cast 316 stainless steel components, the ChemFlo® series of pumps are designed to be applied in a wide range of pumping applications where stainless steel is required. The Che...

    15HP 230/460v Learn More
  5. MP

    316SS Self prime pump FMX100



    The patented ; FMX100 self-priming centrifugal pump is constructed of 316 SS for superior corrosion resistance and compatibility with most fluid types. A carbon / ceramic / viton mechanical seal is standard. With a maximum flow of over 55 GPM and ...

    230v/460v 3/4HP TENV Learn More
  6. MP

    FM5 Flomax Pump Explosion Proof motor

    22872 EXP


    Flomax 5 are self-priming pumps, pipe size 1.5" NPT. Explosion Proof Electric Motor Driven Cast Iron Pump using a Long-Coupled Cast Iron EXP Motor-3 HP 60HZ, 2HP 50HZ. 

    List of all the EXPlosion Proof Pumps, all fitted with Hazardous duty motors....

  7. MP

    2CT-3HS Trash Pump w/ motor



    2CT Jaeger Trash Pumps, self-priming, cast iron. Close-coupled TEFC electric motor drive provided.

    The Model 2CT is a 3" x 3" Self Priming Trash Pump which is close coupled. This unit has cast iron construction with a ductile iron impeller, 304 s...

    3" 7.5HP 230/460v TEFC Learn More
  8. MP

    High Head Pump & Motor HHLF



    Self priming high head centrifugal pump, close coupled to an electric motor.

    • 1 1/2 x 1 1/2" HIGH HEAD
    • ABS Type approved for shipboard services. 46 CFR Compliant Auxiliary Fire Control. HHL-FLOMAX “HR” high pressure self-priming pumps meet USCG...
    7.5HP 230/460v USCG Learn More
  9. MP

    FM5 Bronze pump 2HP



    Flomax 5 bronze are self-priming pumps, pipe size 1.5" NPT. Pump with standard 115/230v motor.

    Motor base shown is a Option, order separately. 

    2HP 115/230v Learn More
  10. MP

    FM30 Pump w/ 18HP Engine



    Flomax 30 are self-priming pumps, pipe size 3" NPT. FM30 Pump with single seal and 18HP Briggs & Stratton engine. Use for irrigation, dewatering, tank filling, bilge, HDD, pilings and other large water transfer or construction applications. Pump i...

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