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Air Pneumatic Pumps

Air Pneumatic Pumps

by PumpBiz include a large variety of air powered pumps used for pneumatic / air pumping applications. Inherently Explosion Proof / Hazardous Duty for ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol and sanitizer solutions for cleaning. Some of the pumps in this category are Air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD), Centrifugal and air operated drum pumps. These pumps are used in applications ranging from chemical / solvent transfer to pumping thick paste, glue, paint and food products. Often the air powered is preferred for Hazardous / Explosive / Flammable atmospheres due to its inherent non-electrical operation.

In the Air operated Double Diaphragms by All-Flo we offer Non-metallic, Aluminum and Stainless steel construction 3/8" to 3" including many sanitary CIP. 

For Electric Explosion Proof pumps.

In smaller 1/4" to 3/4" compact plastic diaphragm pumps we offer FloJet.

If you are looking for mud / trash / sludge electric or gas operated click here

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  1. Standard

    Drum pump - AL-39 & air motor- SP-A2

    A2 AL-39


    Hazardous Location Drum Pump Motor and Pump Combination. Drum Pump Motor: High volume compressed air motor, operating pressure = 92 psi ( 6.32 bar) @ 28 cfm, includes muffler, inlet = 3/8" 9.5 mm). Drum Pump, High Volume. Aluminum construction, TF...

    Hazardous Location Learn More
  2. March

    Magnetic pump Kynar PVDF AIR motor

    TE-5K-MD-AM (Air)

    Kynar magnetic coupled pump. Motor is pneumatic air. 7CFM @ 60psi air max. req'd. Often used for solvents, distillates CO2, isolates, pentane and chemicals as used in CBD processing.
    Pneumatic drive Learn More
  3. Finish Thompson

    Chemical Barrel Pump with Air Motor

    EFS-40 S4


    Chemical Barrel Pump w/ Air Motor, stainless

    Medium performance 316SS, light viscosity sealless drum barrel pumps for container-to-container transfer of acids,corrosives, coolants, deodorants, solvents and chemicals. Air Pneumatic motor suitable ...

    Pneumatic motor 40"SS pump Learn More
  4. Finish Thompson

    Stainless DRUM PUMP & Air motor

    TBS-40 M6

    Stainless Steel DRUM PUMP & Motor ideal for corrosive chemicals or solvents, flammables, and applications requiring high purity or sanitary construction. Designed for light viscosity liquids, solvents, vinegar, and chemicals are a few typical u...
    40" Stainless Steel Drum pump / Air motor Learn More
  5. Finish Thompson

    M65 Air Motor


    Air Pneumatic Motor. For use with the FTI LR model HVDP. Air motors includeregulator valve andmuffler. Motors arerated 25-70 cfm.

    This positive displacement designproduces a smooth, non-pulsating flow and is ideally suited forthe gentle transfer ...

  6. March

    Ryton PPS magnetic pump air



    Ryton PPS magnetic pump air motor drive.

    March manufacturing magnetic seal less magdrive pump Ryton plastic for solvents. Motor is a air pneumatic motor. Made in USA

    • Back View
    • Front View

    All Ryton magnetic coupled pump. Ryton is good f...

    Air motor pump Ryton Learn More
  7. Standard

    Sanitary Air Motor


    Sanitary Air Motor, Industrial Pneumatic Motors. Sanitary Pump Motors For use on Progressive Cavity sanitary food pumps. Benifits:
    • Hygienic Design
    • Easy to Clean & Maintain
    • Gentle Product Treatment
    • Continuous Flow

    300-900 RPM based on a max. air...

  8. Finish Thompson

    Stainless Steel DRUM PUMP Air Motor

    TTS-27 M6

    Stainless Steel DRUM PUMP & Motor for corrosive chemicals or solvents, flammables, and applications requiring high purity or sanitary construction. Designed for semi-viscous liquids, inks, detergents, vinegar, and motor oils are a few typical use...
  9. March

    Magnetic Pump EXP Air motor

    TE-5S-MD-AM (Air)


    316 Stainless Steel magnetic coupled pump. Magnetic Pump EXP Air motor. Pneumatic Motor is Gast brand. Stainless steel is often used for high liquid temperatures, solvents and chemicals not suitable for the engineering thermoplastics. Stainless St...

    Stainless pump w/ air motor Learn More
  10. Finish Thompson

    Pump with Air Motor

    BTS-40 M20

    The BT series is rated for mild corrosives and flammables of high viscosity in applications which require high head. Use for pumping polymers, adhesives, oils, resins, etc. Features • Sealed • Tube interchangeable with motors • Easy disassem...
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