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Parts for pumps made by leading pump mfr's, genuine factory parts. AMT, IPT, Wayne, Berkeley, March, Koshin, Pacer, All-Flo, Little Giant, Monarch, Franklin, Standard, Graco, FTI and many more. Most parts in stock.

Free replacement pump part installation help, application support.

Most pumps have the repair manual and parts list provided on the page of the pump. Also simply entering the pump model number into our search box and picking parts will lead you to associated OEM repair parts.

Need a factory trained service technician to repair fix your pump PumpBiz Pump Repair.  

Many generic / off brand pumps "look" like the brand name pumps above, but since they were cheap china pumps the parts are not identical. Further, the engine or motor brand has nothing to due with the pump mounted to it as far as identification. Honda engines are used on the quality pumps like Koshin, AMT and Pacer but they are also used on the cheap clones.




Many of the Koshin parts also fit subaru, powermate, godwin, wacker.

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  1. March

    Impeller PP w/ Mica Teflon Bushing TE5.5


    Impeller PP w/ Mica Teflon Bushing TE5.5, 0151-0029-1300. 3.187" impeller
    PP impeller Learn More
  2. March

    Front housing for 1" TE-5.5C-MD


    March pump part Front housing for 1" TE-5.5C-MD. PolyPro
  3. AMT Pumps

    Seal Rebuild Kit



    Pump Parts genuine AMT Seal Rebuild kit.

    Kit includes shaft seal, casing o-ring and impeller screw o-ring. PumpBiz stocks most AMT / IPT pump parts ready for same day shipment. AMT stamped stainless pumps 547x-98 548x-98 series.

    The rotating hal...

    Carbon / Ceramic / Viton Learn More
  4. March

    Ceramic Thrust washer to #5 pump


    Ceramic Thrust washer for March magnetic pump #5 of all types. 99.5%AL2O3 alumina oxide.

    Need help trouble shooting your pump problems or repairs, picking which parts? Let the experienced March pump experts at PumpBiz help you. Remember we are...

  5. Berkeley



    SELF-PRIMING SUCTION KIT ZBR05820 or valve kit for Berkeley high pressure sprinkler irrigation pump SSHM or also known as Recirculation Valve Complete (Includes O-Ring).
    Valve kit Learn More
  6. AMT Pumps

    Gasket & O-ring kit Viton



    AMT Gasket & O-ring kit Viton, AMT pump parts.

    Includes rubber gasket and steel pins and screws. Viton for AMT IPT pumps like 394E, F, 399C- pumps.

    PumpBiz stocks a full set of AMT repair parts ready for immeadiate delivery. 

    For 10 & 15HP Viton Learn More
  7. AMT Pumps

    Cleanout Cover w/handles


    Cleanout Cover kit with handles for AMT trash pumps 394E, F, 399C- pumps
    10 & 15HP Learn More
  8. Flotec

    Overhaul kit


    Overhaul kit for Discontinued FP6032 Includes Seal and Gasket Kit, Impeller, and Diffuser

    Please note: Flotec, Simer and Sta-Rite parts are interchangeable. The Brand name does not matter, only the part number must be the same.

    For FP6032 Learn More
  9. AMT Pumps

    Shaft Seal Kit Buna


    Seal kit for AMT pumps like 4897-97 4901-95. Carbon / ceramic / Buna / 316ss. Shaft seal is both halves / parts. See manual for removal and installation instructions.
    Buna shaft seal Learn More
  10. AMT Pumps

    Impeller - AMT Pump 375



    Impeller for AMT IPT self priming pump 375x 3168-, 3160-. Used in Honda engine pump models. When replacing a impeller you should also change the mechanical shaft seal.

    Need help trouble shooting your pump problems or repairs, picking which parts?...

    CI Impeller Learn More
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