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Engineering Tables

Welcome to the PumpBiz Engineering Tables, a group of hand picked tables and articles to make selecting a pump easier. Related to pumps, pumping, motors, piping, hose, chemical resistance, electricity, wire size, rotation, types and much more

  1. Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Curve
  2. Chemical Resistance
  3. Conversion Formulas
  4. Flange Ordering Codes
  5. Friction Loss HDPE
  6. Friction Loss in Pipe
  7. Friction Loss in Tubing & Hose
  8. How Altitude Affects Water Pumps
  9. March Chemical Resistance Guide
  10. Material Guide
  11. Material Profiles
  12. Motor connection diagrams
  13. Motor Dim. NEMA & IEC
  14. Motor Dimensions-NEMA
  15. Motor Dimensions-Pool Jet
  16. Nozzle Performance
  17. Panel Enclosure Standards & Specifications
  18. Pressure Tanks
  19. Pump Head
  20. PVC Pipe Dimensions (1)
  21. SAE dimensions
  22. Types of Pumps
  23. Viton Chemical Resistance
  24. Waterfall Sizing
  25. Why Whe? Why Delta?
  26. How to Use Affinity Laws in Mag Drive Pump Operations
  27. Explosion Proof Classification