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Centrifugal Pumps

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Centrifugal pumps are often thought of as the simplest and most widely used of all the various pump types.

A centrifugal pump has a rotating impeller, within a casing, which imparts radial velocity to the liquid, forcing the liquid to exit the pump by way of the discharge nozzle. While in addition to water pumps, centrifugal pumps have a wide range of applications for different types of fluids.

The flow is smooth and will change according to the system back pressure.

Centrifugal Pump Performance Specs

Are made in materials from CI to Titanium and CPVC, PP, PVDF and many others. These pumps produce moderate pressures ranging from 1 PSI to 100 PSI. The flow rate ranges from 1 GPM to 100+ GPM, with liquids that are less viscous than water, up to 300 SSU on a practical basis.

The Performance specs will depend on the application, environment, and altitude in which the pumps are being operated. Since atmospheric conditions affect pressure and pump head is impacted by gravity, flow rates will vary. Generally, the specs on each pump apply to a range of “normal” conditions. Call us if there are specific or unique conditions in which you will operate the centrifugal pump.

Applications for Centrifugal Pumps

The design of the individual pump will dictate the applications for which it can be used. Some can handle suspended solids - these are the centrifugal trash pumps. While not inherently self-priming, can be adapted to be so.

Applications such as chemical transfer, wastewater, slurries, plating solutions, cooling systems, where a smooth, consistent flow rate is needed are best.

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  1. Barmesa

    5HP High Pressure Pump



    5HP High head, End-Suction Centrifugal Pump. 

    Commercial duty pumps featuring all cast iron construction. High pressure / head pump for irrigation.


    • Booster systems
    • Water Transfer
    • Chilled Water System
    • High pressure at moderate ...
    5HP 230v/1 Learn More
  2. Finish Thompson

    FTI DB6 Explosion Proof pump



    FTI DB6 Explosion Proof pump, PVDF (Kynar) for chemicals / solvents

    DB Series hazardous duty magnetic drive pump—the new standard for high hydraulic efficiency and corrosive fluid handling. With design-aided magnetic flux and computational fluid ...

    1/3hp Explosion proof 230/460v PVDF Learn More
  3. AMT Pumps

    12v DC Cast Iron Self Priming Pump



    12v DC Self Priming Pump

    AMT Self-priming Centrifugal pumps is designed for Industrial and Commercial applications requiring high volume liquid transfer, waste water drainage and processing.

    Battery powered pumps feature self-cleaning clog resis...

    12VDC 3/4HP TENV Learn More
  4. Berkeley - B68417: B3ZRMS Water Truck Pump


    B3ZRMS Water Truck Pump


    MSRP: 3497.00
    Click for price

    Water Truck Pump B3ZRM Type B frame, Replaces Monarch NT3M9S-CW-V, mount pumps are designed for the user who has a separate power source suitable for driving through couplings or with belts. Ideal for general purpose applications requiring high pe...

    Call Special PRICE, CW Sealed Vic Std Learn More
  5. EBARA

    SS 2stage 2hp


    25% Off Special Price $1,077.00 Regular Price $1,436.00
    Ebara 2HP High head pump A2CDU70/206D3C, 304 Stainless Steel SS. 2 stage designed for the applications where a on stage centrifugal just can't develop the head or pressure needed for the job. Booster pump 2 HP, 3 phase ODP motor.
    2HP 230/460v ODP Learn More
  6. AMT Pumps

    10HP Stainless Pump Washdown



    10HP Stainless Pump w/ Wash-down electric motor.

    Centrifugal pumps are suited for liquid and chemical transfer, heating and cooling, recirculation, booster service and other industrial applications. Semi-open impeller features self-cleaning abili...

    230/460v 10HP Washdown Learn More
  7. March

    316SS March 7 Pump Air Moror


    25% Off Special Price $2,229.00 Regular Price $2,972.00
    316SS March Series 7 magdrive pump with AIR motor / pneumatic totally enclosed pumps are the "workhorses" or the March product line. Ceramic spindle is standard. Contact us for additional materials, port sizes, or motors for EXPlosion proof req...
    Air motor Learn More
  8. AMT Pumps

    Centrifugal Pump XP Motor



    Explosion Proof XP electric motor powered Cast Iron Centrifugal pump. Straight centrifugal pump is designed for continuous duty low pressure OEM, industrial / commercial and Hazardous Duty service applications including circulation, chemical proce...

    115/230v 1HP EXP Learn More
  9. AMT Pumps

    Cast Iron Self Priming Explosion proof


    AMT Self-priming Centrifugal pumps is designed for Industrial and Commercial applications requiring high volume liquid transfer, waste water drainage and processing. These pumps feature self-cleaning clog resistant impeller capable of handling ...
    230/460v 3/4HP TEFC Explosion proof Learn More
  10. Berkeley

    B2XPKS Electric Self-Priming Pump


    MSRP: 2937.00
    Click for price

    The type B, Self Priming pumps are built for continuous dependable performance and ease of repair. High lift designs allow suction lifts up to 25 feet at sea level. Ideal for transfer applications, standby fire protection, dewatering and irriga...

    3HP, 1phase Learn More
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