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Trash Pumps

Non-clog water pumps for handling solids, trash, debris. 1.5", 2",3",4" to 6" sizes. All are self-priming trash pumps in this category handle lots of debris, come in various materials: Cast Iron, Aluminum, FRP.

Trash pumps are designed with large impellers to pass debris such as twigs, leaves, pebbles, and items up to 6 inches (depending on the pump). Or, they are based on a diaphragm pump. The trash pump takes in the water and contents then passes them through the housing and out the discharge hose; these pumps to do not grind the debris.

Trash Pumps For Sale

2" Trash pumps and 3" Trash pumps

Semi-Trash Pumps

Semi-trash pumps are intended for use with muddy waters with smaller debris, usually up to ½ inch to ⅝ inch. Like the larger debris handling pumps, the semi-trash pumps do not grind the material, but simply pass them through the housing and discharge hose. Semi-trash pumps are less expensive and smaller.

Trash Pump Power Sources

Trash pumps come in models that are powered by gas or diesel engines as well as electric trash pumps with single & three phase motors. Most on sale!

Trash Pump Tip

Since trash pumps do not grind the material, the intake should be covered with a strainer to ensure debris that enters is limited to the capacity of the pumps. This will help minimize clogging in the discharge hose. Like all other self-priming trash pumps they are limited to 25FT suction lift. These pumps are high flow and relatively low pressure, not for irrigation.

The Right Trash Pump

You will find many trash pumps for sale on We sell pumps from the top manufacturers with a wide range of performance and prices. Our goal is for you to acquire the right trash pump for your application. So, while we sell trash pumps that cover the spectrum of needs, there may be only a few that are right for you. If you have any question, please call us and we’ll be happy to ensure that you purchase the right trash pump for you.

For more on selecting a trash pump, check out this article Selecting a trash pump, things you should know.


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  1. Gorman-Rupp Pumps

    2" Honda Powered Trash Pump



    Honda 2" Engine Powered Trash pump is designed for applications which require high flow efficiency and solid handling capability. Honda engine trash pumps are constructed of heavy duty sand cast aluminum components featuring replaceable ductile ir...

    Honda Water Trash pump Learn More
  2. AMT Pumps

    2" Electric Diaphragm Trash Pump



    New model 338E-96 Powered by 1.5HP electric motor. AMT 2" Diaphragm pumps features 2-stage, 44 to 1 gear reduction with a large diameter output gear and heavy duty ball bearing construction. ALSO AVAILABLE IN 1-PHASE,115/230V Often referred to a...

    1.5HP 115/230v Learn More
  3. FlexPump Trash Pump

    Trash pump w/ Honda FlexPump



    Submersible Trash pump engine powered, Honda GX160. FlexPump™ is a submersible Flexible Shaft dewatering pump without electricity. Contractors who have used it are so impressed they are calling it a "Muddy Miracle". The Original Flex shaft pump ...

    Flex shaft pump Honda 5.5HP. Learn More
  4. AMT Pumps

    6" Diesel Trash Pump Trailer Mount



    6" Diesel Trash Pump is designed for applications requiring high volume flow and solid debris handling capabilities. Diesel engine Kohler KDW1003. Pump is constructed of heavy duty sand cast aluminum with cast iron and stainless steel internal par...

    23HP Learn More
  5. Gorman-Rupp Pumps

    3" Diesel powered Trash Pump



    Trash pump, powered by diesel

    Hatz 5 HP engine (changing in 2019 to 1B30). 3" Cast aluminum housing with Cast Iron internals.trash pump. 2.6 qt fuel tank provides 110 min. continuous running.

    Ideally suited for a variety of industrial applicatio...

    3" Hatz Diesel 1B30 Learn More
  6. AMT Pumps

    3" Trash Pump Electric start Honda



    Honda Engine Driven Trash pump 3" with electric start is designed for applications which require high flow efficiency and solids handling capability. Obsolete see 3S9XHR. These Premium Pumps are constructed of heavy duty sand cast components featu...

    OBSOLETE - GX270 9HP Electric Start Learn More
  7. Riverside

    2" Electric Diaphragm Pump



    Riverside Pumps' rugged and reliable Diaphragm Pumps are sometimes called "mudhogs" for their ability to pump heavy mud and sludge, thicker than any centrifugal pump can handle. Electric motor Diaphragm Pump also have the advantage of being able t...

    Electrci diaphragm pump Learn More
  8. Barmesa Pumps

    4" Trash Pump Diesel Trailer SH4-R/N-4TNV98C



    4" Trash Pump Yanmar Diesel engine on road Trailer. Used by contractors and municipalities for sewage bi-pass and dewatering applications. Spherical solids handling: 3".

    The SH4-R/N-4TNV98C is an industrial grade pump that can move 96,000 gallons...

    4" Diesel Trash Trailer Mount Learn More
  9. 6" diesel trash pump SH6-R/N-4TNV98C trailer mounted

    Barmesa Pumps

    6" Trash Pump Diesel Automatic SH6-RN-4TST98C


    23% Off Special Price $40,032.00 Regular Price $51,990.00

    6" Trash Pump Yanmar Diesel engine on road Trailer. Includes automatic operation with liquid level.

    Automatic Self Priming 6" trash pump used by contractors and municipalities for sewage bi-pass,cofferdams and dewatering applications. Features a ...

    6" Diesel Trash Trailer, Auto Controls Learn More
  10. MP Pumps

    2CT Pedestal Trash Pump



    2CT-3 Jaeger Trash Pumps, self-priming, cast iron. For Close-coupled to a 182/4TC frame electric motor.

    The Model 2CT is a 3" x 3" Self Priming Trash Pump which is close coupled. This unit has cast iron construction with a ductile iron impeller, ...

    PTO 3":for electric motor Learn More
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