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Trash Pumps

Non-clog water pumps for handling solids, trash, debris. 1.5", 2",3",4" to 6" sizes. All are self-priming trash pumps in this category handle lots of debris, come in various materials: Cast Iron, Aluminum, FRP.

Trash pumps are designed with large impellers to pass debris such as twigs, leaves, pebbles, and items up to 6 inches (depending on the pump). Or, they are based on a diaphragm pump. The trash pump takes in the water and contents then passes them through the housing and out the discharge hose; these pumps to do not grind the debris.

Trash Pumps For Sale

2" Trash pumps and 3" Trash pumps

Semi-Trash Pumps

Semi-trash pumps are intended for use with muddy waters with smaller debris, usually up to ½ inch to ⅝ inch. Like the larger debris handling pumps, the semi-trash pumps do not grind the material, but simply pass them through the housing and discharge hose. Semi-trash pumps are less expensive and smaller.

Trash Pump Power Sources

Trash pumps come in models that are powered by gas or diesel engines as well as electric trash pumps with single & three phase motors. Most on sale!

Trash Pump Tip

Since trash pumps do not grind the material, the intake should be covered with a strainer to ensure debris that enters is limited to the capacity of the pumps. This will help minimize clogging in the discharge hose. Like all other self-priming trash pumps they are limited to 25FT suction lift. These pumps are high flow and relatively low pressure, not for irrigation.

The Right Trash Pump

You will find many trash pumps for sale on We sell pumps from the top manufacturers with a wide range of performance and prices. Our goal is for you to acquire the right trash pump for your application. So, while we sell trash pumps that cover the spectrum of needs, there may be only a few that are right for you. If you have any question, please call us and we’ll be happy to ensure that you purchase the right trash pump for you.

For more on selecting a trash pump, check out this article Selecting a trash pump, things you should know.


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  1. AMT Pumps

    4" Diesel Engine Trash Pump


    23% Off Special Price $8,267.49 Regular Price $10,737.00
    Diesel Engine Powered Trash Pump. Discharge can rotate in 90 degree increments. Engine Driven Trash pumps are designed for applications which require high flow efficiency and solid handling capability. These pumps are constructed of heavy duty ...
    Hatz Diesel Engine 11HP Learn More
  2. Koshin Pumps

    4" Trash Pump Diesel


    10% Off Special Price $9,642.60 Regular Price $10,714.00

    4" Trash Pump Diesel

    4 inch water trash pump, Hatz 1B50E 10.9HP engine.


    • Electric Start Diesel Engine, EPA Tier 4
    • Includes starting battery and Heavy duty roll frame WITH wheel kit.
    • The cleanout cover and volute can be easily remov...
    10.9 HP 36,000GPH Learn More
  3. Gorman-Rupp Pumps

    4" Engine Driven Trash Pump


    20% Off Special Price $9,985.60 Regular Price $12,482.00

    Gorman-Rupp 4" Engine Driven Trash pump is designed for applications which require flow efficiency and solids handling capability. Pumps are constructed of heavy duty sand cast aluminum or cast iron with replaceable ductile iron impellers and stee...

    Honda 13 Learn More
  4. Riverside

    TP4V Trash pump 4"



    TP4VE 4" Gas Trash Pumps L1605ZE

    Used where water containing solids such as sticks, stones, mud, sand, gravel and other foreign material is present. Trash pumps have the capabilities of ordinary centrifugal pumps, with the added ability to handle...

    16HP Elect Start Learn More
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