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Monthly Archives: September 2017

  1. Time To Look At A Propane Conversion Kit?

    Over the past couple of months, there have been several hurricanes that devastated parts of Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and Caribbean Islands. There were two common issues in all these areas. One, high standing water, and two, no electricity. Compounding these two issues as a third, lack of gasoline. People had generators and pumps, but they could not acquire enough gas to operate them.
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  2. Why is my centrifugal water pump not pumping as much water?

    When you first got it, your centrifugal water pump was performing flawlessly. It sucked water and discharged it beautifully. But lately, you’ve noticed it is taking longer to prime. And once the pump is primed, it seems to discharge with less force
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  3. Two Key Terms In Pump Specifications - GPM & Head

    Now, we combine GPM and Head to understand how a pump meets some of the performance requirements that your applications have.

    Pumps have measurements of “GPM at X feet of Head”. Given the same power and pump design, there is a trade off between Head height and Gallons Per Minute.

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