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Monthly Archives: September 2018

  1. Flooding: Prepare, Stay Safe, Clean Up

    We get a lot of calls about which pumps are best to deal with flood waters. Dewatering after a flood is not as simple as just connecting hoses and pumps. But, dealing with flooding actually starts before the water ever comes. In our three-part series about dealing floods, we cover some of the high-level steps you can take. But, to be as safe as you can, contact local officials to understand the resources and special circumstances of your town.
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  2. Once the storm passes: Dealing with the flood

    The aftermath to a disaster may seem almost as daunting as the storm itself. But reliable equipment and know-how will take a bit of the stress out of dealing with the clean up. Taking safety precautions, consulting local officials, and gathering information can help ease the process and offer lessons for future emergencies.
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  3. Dealing with the Storm

    Remember, preparation and information are the most important parts of getting through a disaster. Establish your news sources beforehand and how you will access them, assemble your emergency supplies, and know your evacuation procedures. Staying calm during the chaos and making informed decisions will help protect your family and your livelihoods.
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  4. Preparing For Flooding

    The first step in dealing with floods is understanding and preparing for the risks. Knowledge and planning are your best defenses when dealing with the impact of flooding. The time for this step comes well before the flooding starts. In our next articles, we’ll discuss what to do during a flood and recovering from a flood.
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