Spring Pond Pump Maintenance

With spring around the corner, people are anxious to be outside and start enjoying their gardens and parks. From personal and park ponds to municipal retention ponds, we are going to see fountains start dotting the landscape. But if fountain pumps are started up without being properly inspected there can be problems that may lead to pump failure.


Inspect screens

Ponds are full of materials and sediments. Some of these are organic growth from the past year, twigs, leaf debri,s or grasses. The pump screen is the first defense against this material getting into the pump. 


Inspect the screens. Be sure there are no holes or areas too warn that they may give out in the next season. Also, check that the screens are securely fastened to prevent material from coming in between the screen and housing.


Check discharge hose

  The hose should be in good condition, no holes or excessive wear. Also, check the connection of the hose to the pump and the discharge point. 


Go over the electrical

Obviously, electricity is dangerous. Electricity and water together make caution even more necessary. Inspect the wires to be sure there are no worn-out patches or breaks. If there are any exposed parts of the wire, replace the cord; do not attempt to patch the cord. If you do not have the experience or expertise to replace the cord, engage a professional electrician.


Go over the floats

Like the other components, you want to be sure there are no holes and no wear. Also, be sure they are properly secured to the unit.


Turn pump on

Turn the pump on and just listen. Does it sound right. If not, if it sounds ‘rough’ take a look at the bearings. They may need to be greased or even replaced. 


Check the motion or rotation of the pump. Is it moving in the right direction based on the spec of the pump? 


Is the water flow rate consistent with the pump specifications? If the flow rate has decreased, there may be issues to address such as impeller wear, motor power, or broken seals. 


To get the most out of a pump, and to extend the life of the pump, a solid maintenance regime is critical. A little time spent on spring maintenance will go a long way.