High pressure water pumps vs high-flow water pumps

Water pumps are used for many different applications. From things we do at home to municipalities, to industry, there are so many different uses for water pumps, and they require different kinds of pumps, of which there are many. Two broad categories of pumps are “high-pressure” pumps and “high-flow” pumps.

High-Pressure Pumps

High-pressure pumps are used in applications in which you want the ware to do something. Common applications are power washers, or sprinklers, or manufacturing & cleaning. The intent is to increase the pressure of the water upon exiting the ejection hose.

Using higher pressure, the water can be used to clean or in the case of sprinklers, ejected to cover larger areas of crops.

High-Flow Pumps

High-flow pumps are generally used to move large amounts of water from one area to another. Typically, this involves removing floodwater, or filling pools, or moving cooling waters in industrial applications. The applications tend to be less about what you do with water than it does with just needing to move the water.

Finding the right pump starts with understanding what your needs are. Are you just trying to move water, or are you trying to do something with the water. Answer this question, and you can start deciding what type of pump you need. If you’re not sure, call PumpBiz and we’ll help you find the right pump.