What is a hot oil pump?


A hot oil pump, or thermal oil pump, is exactly what it sounds like: a pump designed specifically for moving heat transfer fluids within a closed system. These pumps must be able to handle high temperatures and circulate fluid effectively without the creation of hotspots, which can damage the system.


Hot Oil Pump Applications


Hot oil pumps are used in a wide variety of applications. Turns out many industries require the pumping of hot fluids.


Wood Curing


One of the most common applications of hot oil pumps is the curing of wood products. The treatment process seals the surface of the wood, preventing moisture accumulation. Hardwood veneer, furniture, cabinetry, and many other wood products are treated using a hot oil curing process. MDF and particleboards also undergo a heat and pressure treatment process similar to wood treatment.


Boiler, Furnace, or Other Heating System


Another major application of thermal oil pumps is hot oil heated process equipment. The chemical industry is one of the most common. Tanks, blenders, boilers, and dryers all need to operate at high temperatures, for which they use thermal oil pumps to heat. Pharmaceuticals, as well as fertilizers, cosmetics, and medical creams, are processed in heated reactors which use hot oil pumps.


Food Industry


The food and beverage industry also makes frequent use of hot oil pumps. Most commonly, they are used in distillation processes but also in fryers to pump cooking oil.




Two reliable manufacturers of hot oil pumps are MP and Hypro. These manufacturers produce pumps for industrial and chemical fluid transfer applications. For more information on thermal oil transfer pumps, give PumpBiz a call today. We will be sure you get the right pump for your application.