Regular pump maintenance is a critical measure for ensuring the safety and longevity of your pump. One of the most basic, but nevertheless, important steps of maintenance is checking your pump’s rotation. Sometimes, the direction of rotation can be reversed during initial setup or reinstallation or plant wiring changes.

Many pump motors are reversible—able to spin both clockwise CW and counter-clockwise CCW. However, for most pumps, it’s crucial to ensure that the motor is rotating in the direction the manufacturer intended. Although a pump will still function if spinning in the wrong direction, you’ll see a decrease in performance as well as damage that may lead to catastrophic failure. Some pump impellers will un-screw.

To make sure your pump is rotating in the proper direction, refer to the rotation stickers pump rotation arrow indicatoror engraving, usually located on the head of the pump, which indicate the direction it should run. Give your pump a quick bump of power and check that the shaft is rotating in the same direction as the label. Rotation is always referenced when looking at the BACK / motor side of the pump. If you cannot see the shaft, then look at the motor fan or back of the motor shaft. See diagram

If your pump is rotating in the wrong direction, the fix often consists of switching a few wires. Refer to the wiring diagram which will provide instructions on how to properly wire your pump. Consult an electrician before attempting to rewire the pump on your own.

For any further questions regarding your pump, consult one of our PumpBiz representatives. water pump motor wiring diagram