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Pump seal oil

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    Pump seal oil
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Seal Oil
Model Number
Tsurumi - 30214: Pump seal oil

Tsurumi Submersible Pump shaft seal oil for pumps LB480 & HS2 series. 32FT long same as originally with pumps. Includes plug and rubber strain relief with SS metal cover. Also fits Subaru, Wacker PST3, PX-65011 

Turbine oil 5.1 Fl. OZ. (150ml)

Used on Tsurumi pumps LB-480, 2-OM, 2-PU, LB-480A, LB(T)800, HS(Z)2.4S - 3.75S, HSD2.55S, LSC1.4S, LSR2.4S, 50PN2.xxxx, 

Can also be used on Koshin and other brand submersible pumps. 

Tsurumi recommends replacing the lubricant ever year or 3,000 hours of use. Check at 1,500 hours of use. Dirty oil will be milky white or sediment. 

Clean oil is clear and water like. Instructions are included. 

Note: There is a clear / white plastic gasket under the fill head screw on the bottom side of the electric pump.

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Model Number 30214
Weight (Lbs) 1.000000
As a pioneer in the submersible pumps, Tsurumi Pump is contributing to the people all over the world by supplying the products that always support people’s lives such as submersible pumps for wastewater and construction, centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, and water treatment equipment, etc. and also by offering technologies that control and protect water.