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PHCC Pro Series WiFi Module

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    PHCC Pro Series WiFi Module
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Text messaging or Email notification
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pro series  PS-WiFi sump pump alarm phone messaging module

PumpBiz PS-WiFi

Wireless sump pump monitoring system. PHCC Pro Series WiFi Module alarm text message for sump pump level switches. A upgrade option to the below submersible pumps, backup pumps and level switches.

Today, homeowners are looking for a way to be notified of an action that needs attention via email or text. PHCC Pro Series Pumps focuses on monitoring and communicating to homeowners of an issue or a recommended maintenance their sump pump or battery backup system may need. PHCC Pro Series offers a product line with a built-in gateway, the remote terminal, that communicates to homeowners of a problem watching over your sump pumps automatically, 24/7. Sump pump monitoring system. It will spy on your sump pumps operation and warn you in advance of a problem and possible flood.

Pro Series is proud to announce our new “Connect” devices, designed for easy installation linking the pump systems to a home WiFi or security system or home automation system using WiFi and Z-Wave technology. Both products can notify a homeowner remotely by e-mail or a text message to a smartphone, tablet or computer. Sump pump wifi text notification or alarm that calls (text) your phone. Includes all wires & accessories to plug into any PHCC Connect designated product. For use with any other brand pump or purpose, order seperately the high water switch below.

Sends emails or text notifications and status alerts to your phone, tablet or computer, sump pump alarm  • NO MONTHLY FEE, WiFi Module is inexpensive with no required monthly or yearly fees or subscriptions • Simple setup and includes all needed cables.

PHCC Pro Series Connect remote sump pump monitoring compatible with:

Backup Systems Combo Systems Primary Pump Switch

*Manufactured after 1/2014. Backup PHCC 1730 controller must have remote terminals 

Most homeowners discover that their sump pump has a problem when the basement is already flooded. It’s too late to prevent damage. WiFi Module is the only system that alerts homeowners that their sump pump has a problem BEFORE flooding can occur. PS-WiFi module connects wirerless to PHCC servers that watch over (one way communication only) your sump pump system automatically, 24/7. PS-WiFi servers constantly collect and analyze incoming data from your sump pump or battery backup, checking for potential issues. When an issue is detected, PS-WiFi automatically sends alarm text messages.

DFC2 and VFC2 Alarms (LED, Beep) and remote notification terminals (NO/C/NC) activate when: AC Power out, pump ran for 10 minutes continuously and the 9Volt Alarm backup battery is low.  A flashing green light to indicate the controller is active.  The latest model has a plug on the bottom to allow the water sensor float (sold separately) to be plugged in to provide an instant audible, LED and remote notification based simply on water level.


More Information
Model Number PS-WiFi
Wetted Materials PolyPro-GF
Voltage (V) 115
Voltage (Range) 110-120
Phase (Ø) Single (1)
Motor Frequency 60
Motor Amps (A) 12
Max Operating Temperature (F) 100
Viscosity Water 1.00 cp 31.00 ssu
Other Alerts motor malfunction, faulty switch, power failure, high water, pump jam, blocked discharge and many more. Network checks status 3x day. 6v (4xAA) batteries are not included.
Approvals cUL
Cord Length (Ft.) 10
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight (Lbs) 2.000000
Warranty (YRS.) 2