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Klunkless Check valve

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    Klunkless Check valve
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Glentronics_Klunkless Check valve silent
Noiseless check valve. Eliminate the BANG that happens every time your sump pump shuts off. This new and innovative design will return your home to quite. That is, short of the kids and dog etc. Why allow that annoying clunking sound wake you up from sleep? Order yours now. Simple installation with a screw driver and 3 minutes.

The Klunkless Check Valve has a large silencing air chamber that absorbs the sound of the returning water and reduces the noise when the pump stops. You won't be awakened on rainy nights by a clunking noise every time the sump pump stops.

Combination size fits both 1-1/2" and 1-1/4" pipe. Includes Stainless Steel hose clamps. Will replace any sump pump check valve existing.

More Information
Model Number CCV1
Wetted Materials PolyPro-GF
Elastomers / O-ring Buna-Nitrile
Max Operating Temperature (F) 80
Weight (Lbs) 2.000000