How Do Diaphragm Pumps Work

Diaphragm pumps are widely used in industrial and residential applications. These pumps are reliable and are used in everything from small aeration devices for aquariums to large-scale dewatering projects on construction sites. We’ve explained what a diaphragm pump is and what are some of the commercial applications below.

What is A Diaphram Pump?

Diaphragm pumps have a large sealed chamber with one side that has a flexible covering. This flexible covering is a diaphragm. The side of the diaphragm that is external to the chamber is connected to a pump shaft. The pump shaft pushes the diaphragm, extending it into the chamber, and then pulls the diaphragm outward, creating more space in the chamber. This back and forth motion alternately pushes the water out of the chamber and then draws more water into the chamber.

diaphragm pump discharge diagram

What are the uses for a Diaphragm Pump?

Because of the design of the diaphragm pump, it is ideally suited for pumping liquids of higher viscosity and liquids with particulates. 

These are great for dewatering construction sites, flooded areas, or any location where the liquid contents may contain objects. Each pump comes with specifications regarding the maximum size of the object the pump can move.

There are also applications in food services and cosmetics that benefit from diaphragm pumps. By their nature, these pumps are well suited for highly viscous liquids or liquids with suspended particles as well as for shear-sensitive fluids, which change viscosity when the pressure exerted on them changes. Think of things like wine or oils.


Diaphragm Pumps for sale

There are many different styles and specifications for diaphragm pumps. For more information on these pumps and for available pumps, you can visit the diaphragm pumps page. If you need assistance with your application and know what pump is best, diaphragm pump or other type, please give us a call at 800-PUMPBIZ (786-7249).