Custom Pumps For Your Application

At Pumpbiz we work with customers to ensure the pumps and components they purchase are right for their application. Sometimes, the best fit comes from creating a custom system rather than taking pumps and components off the shelf. Before you dismiss a custom pump setup as too costly or unnecessary, consider the following.

Why do I need a Custom Designed Pump system instead of a stock pump?

Off-the-shelf pumps and systems are established by manufacturers with two objectives: 1) meet as wide a spectrum of users as possible, and 2) minimize the cost & effort to integrate the components. By meeting these two criteria, manufacturers maximize the market and the margin for their pump systems. No doubt, that for a segment of the markets they are addressing, the system is terrific. But, for all other segments, there are compromises. 


The compromises inherent in off-the-shelf systems may be small. But, over the life of a system, the inefficiencies of a slightly off GPM, PSI, or other specs can add up. For applications involving corrosive fluids, compromise with material may not be evident at first. However, the lifespan of the system is significantly reduced as the seals give way faster, perhaps even leading to catastrophic failure. 


The recommended uses for the off-the-shelf pumps are legitimate. Quality pumps will operate per manufacturer specifications, and based on the application, last as promised. The question is, do you want more out of your pumping system? 


When you look at the lifetime cost of ownership for off-the-shelf pumps, you may find that between lost efficiency, increased maintenance costs, and more frequent replacement, the systems that seemed cheaper to start with end up costing far more than expected.

Custom Designed & Built Pumps

One perception of custom pumps is that they may cost a lot. While likely to cost more than a stock pump, you may be surprised at the pricing for a system that is custom-designed for your application. We have worked with small, mid-sized, and large companies to design pump systems that work within their budget and meet their operational needs. Over the lifetime of the application, custom pumping solutions will cost less.

When you speak with a PumpBiz engineer, they’ll discuss your entire application. While the custom pump may be the core of the system, it is only one component. The correct hoses, pipes, valves, regulators, nozzles, controllers are all critical components to get the most from a custom pumping system. 


We custom build pumping units for marine, mining, oilfield, dewatering, and other services. Special attention is paid to pump sizing to achieve the highest possible operating efficiency. Too often, overpaying for pumps that are much larger than necessary is the primary culprit in inefficient systems.


Our OEM status with major components and controls suppliers allows us to provide high-quality, cost-effective, custom pump solutions. 


We encourage you to call and speak with our pump engineers, even if you are unsure about a custom pump system. Once we know the specification and environment of your application, we may very well recommend a stock pump solution, or we may suggest a custom solution. Either way, you’ll have the information you need to make a decision. 

From simple customization to more complex, we work with our customers to build to their specifications.



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