As the year comes to a close, we look back on the questions people most often ask about water pumps. While each application may have specific and unique questions about the pump specs, when it comes to water pumps, here are the 6 most common questions we are asked.

1 .Question:

Will horsepower directly increase a pumps suction lift? Will using a bigger pump increase the suction lift?

Answer: No, most pumps which are designated as self-priming have a lift potential of 20-25FT vertical or its equivalent. It is a matter of atmospheric pressure (14.7psi at sea level) pushing on the surface of the water and therefore into the pump. The suction lift potential is controlled by Mother Nature, not the pump motor size.

2. Question:

Will a smaller discharge hose size increase my discharge pressure (psi)?

Answer: No, bigger is better. Since all hose/pipe has friction loss (resistance to flow) based on liquid velocity and hose/pipe size, bigger is better. Just like electricity in a wire. There are common, published friction loss charts for various hose/pipe sizes. Often the friction loss factor is provided at a given flow (gpm) per 100FT of pipe length. Since the loss is exponential, the more you try to push through the pipe the significantly higher this loss becomes.

3. Question:

Can I run/start a Self Priming pump the first time without priming it? Does a Self Priming pump need to be primed for the first time or after long periods of storage?

Answer: Yes, a Self Priming pump and in particular Centrifugal types, need a volume of water in their casing to initiate the self-priming action. Once primed they should hold prime (liquid in casing) and startup just fine when re-started.

4. Question:

Is the Maximum Head / Pressure and Maximum Flow what I can expect to get out of the pump together or as a duty point?

Answer: No, the Max values provided are both at opposite ends of the pump performance curve. They are simply a guide for someone familiar with pumps to quickly assess the suitability of a pump size for an application. The Max Head / Pressure is at zero (0) flow and Max Flow rate is at zero (0) head or very close to it. You need to look at the pumps performance chart or curve and look at a particular flow rate and pressure you need.

5. Question:

Can I use a bigger hose on the pump discharge?

Answer: Yes

6. Question:

Can I use a smaller hose on the pump suction?

Answer: No

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