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Pump accessories available include:

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  1. PumpBiz

    Dual Float Level Switch deluxe



    Sump pump Switch with alarm!

    Deluxe Dual Float Controller and dual float switch. Dual float means dual protection from float switch failure. Industrial strength electronics, 30 amp relay means extended life compared to ordinary float switch. 10FT...

    115v 3/4HP Deluxe Learn More
  2. PumpBiz

    Dual Float Level Switch

    DFC1 Float switch


    Dual Float Controller DFC1 The Dual Float and Controller is included with the S2 series pumps. It turns on the pump when water lifts the float switch 1/4", and runs the pump for an additional 10 seconds after the float drops, to completely empty t...

    115v 3/4HP Basic Learn More
  3. Munro

    Start Box 220 coil volt



    The Pump Start Relay (PSR) Provides "pilot duty" operation for all types of electricity driven pump equipment. Full compatibility with all 110 volt or 220 volt, single phase pumps, 3/4 HP through 2HP, and all 24V controllers.

    • HP: 3/4 through...
    Irrigation pump controller 230v Learn More
  4. PumpBiz

    Optidrive E VFD

    ODE-12020-USA VFD


    VFD rich in features is the most commercially competitive Optidrive in the Optidrive family. The product is dedicated to low power applications where cost is the key driver. Innovative and compact the Optidrive E range combines good looks with ...

  5. PumpBiz

    HC6000 Electronic Float Switch

    Watcher HC6000


    HydroCheck HC8000 Hi-Lo Pump Switches are "electronic float" switches that are designed to work in sump pits. They are particularly useful when the sump pit is very large and may take more than 90 seconds to empty, or the water table is unusually ...

    Sump pump level switch Learn More
  6. PumpBiz

    VFD Drive 3/4HP



    Looking for any easy-to-use VFD drive that has the flexibility your application needs? The CFW500 has easy to configure advanced technology options, developed for fast commissioning while offering excellent performance and reliability. Designed fo...

    220/240v 1 or 3 phase input 2.6A max Learn More
  7. PumpBiz

    Water Watcher


    STAK Enterprises' 520-002A WaterWatcher are "electronic float" switches that are designed to work on the floor. Appliance automatic shut OFF switch. The WaterWatcher is versatile in its ability to prevent water disasters. Its floor sensor is ve...
    Appliance automatic shut off switch. Learn More
  8. PumpBiz

    HC8000 Electronic Level Switch

    Watcher HC8000


    STAK Sump Pump Switches are "electronic float" switches that are designed to work in sump pits that collect ground water from around the home's foundation. Unlike traditional float switches, the Sump Pump Switch has no moving parts that can seize ...

    Electronic Sump pump level switch Learn More
  9. Rhombus

    Vertical 15FT Pump Level Switch


    Vertical 15FT Pump Level Switch.

    Mechanically-activated switch designed for direct control of pumps up to 1/2 HP at 120 VAC. 15VM1WP

    This mechanically-activated pump switch is designed to operate in non-potable water and sewage applications with ...

    15FT 115v Pump Down NO Learn More
  10. PumpBiz

    Float Switch 230v



    Float Switch 230v.

    Pump Duty Mechanical (NON- mercury) wide angle float switch for automatic level control of sump pumps and other pump types. Pump Down operation. Rated 13 amp 1hp / 115 VAC SPST. 170 F max. Use for pump down, normally open conta...

    230v 15FT Pump Down NO Learn More
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