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Lawn controller 3/4 thru 2 hp

Model Number

Generic MPLC24

Lawn sprinkler pump controller.

3/4 thru 2 HP pump controller, single phase with 24 VAC contactor coil. 115 VAC / 230 VAC

As pressure is built up in the volute case and discharge of a pump when it is working. If this pressure does not exist, there is a problem within the pumping system.

The SmartBOX ™ monitors this pressure through the use of a pressure sensor located on the discharge side of a pump. At the beginning, or anytime during a zone cycle, if water is not available the pressure will drop within the pump and the pressure sensor will signal a time delay to begin counting. If pressure has not recovered over the timer cycle, the pump shuts down to save itself before damage occurs.

The resetting of the pressure sensor is automatic. The next cycle after an electrical signal shut down will have the same opportunity to build pressure. Since the sensor measures lack of pressure, as long as the pump is able to rebuild and maintain pressure, the pump will be allowed to run normally.

Completely automatic and hands-free pump protection. Bridges the gap between 24 volt lawn controllers and 110/220V pump motors. Serves as a pump start relay plus offers pump shut-down protection if source water is not available. Color coded wiring for easy installation


• Pump Protection – Prevent overheating and run-dry. • Safety – Protect customers from pump failure and risk of fire. Low 24v external power reduces risk of harming people or pets. • Built Tough – No cheap plastic box that will crack and fade. Choose UL Nema 3R enclosures in stainless steel or powder-coated steel. • Simple Installation – Color-coded wire leads, simple instructions and high quality components make the SmartBox easy to install and maintain. • Works with a Standard Controller – No extra wiring required when using a 24v controller (110v and 2nd also available).

More Information
Model Number MPLC24
Series MPLC Irrigation Sprinkler pump controller
Horse Power (HP) 3
Horsepower (IE .5, 1, 1.5, 20) 3.0000
Voltage (V) 115/230
Voltage (Range) 110-120/220-240
Phase (Ø) Single (1)
Motor Frequency 60
Viscosity Water 1.00 cp 31.00 ssu
Other No need to wonder which relay to use, the Munro SmartBox has a 40 amp relay to work equally well with single phase 3/4 hp to 5 hp. Available in 24v, 110v, 220v coils.*
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight (Lbs) 8.000000
Warranty (YRS.) 1

Supporting Docs

Supporting Docs
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