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Honda water pump small

Honda Water Pump, gas engine powered.

Applications: Lawn Sprinkling, Draining Shallow Flooded Areas, Outdoor Water Transfer.

Features and Benefits

• Ideal for lawn sprinkling, draining shallow flooded areas and many outdoor water transfer applications • Easy-start, 4-cycle Honda GX25 gasoline engine and pump provide up to 40 GPM (2400 GPH) • Heavy-duty cast aluminum housing • Durable motor for reliable service • Easy-start, self-priming pump • Maximum flow to 2400 GPH • 4-cycle Honda gasoline engine • 2 hour run time per tank of gas

Includes: 1 in. suction hose (10 feet), suction strainer, garden hose adapter for discharge & tool kit to change spark plug.

The inlet flapper valve allows the pump case to be filled without the water flowing out of the suction opening. This reduces the priming time. The flapper also prevents siphoning after the engine is shut down. The pump case drain and fill plugs are a special plastic. They don't corrode to the case and they don't swell. They are easily removed with your fingers. O-rings back each plug for a better seal.

Priming TipsPlace the pump as close to the water source as possible. The less lift required will improve priming timeFill the pump case completely with water (Never operate a centrifugal pump without water in the pump casing)Start the pump engine. By partially restricting the discharge hose, priming time can be improvedShutting off a pump will allow water to flow out of the suction hose, requiring priming.The use of a foot valve on the end of the suction hose will prevent water from flowing out of the suction hose if you stop the pump and reduce time required for the pump to regain its prime.

Honda water pump small

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