Liquid De-icing Pumps

Liquid De-icers: Keeping Roads From Feezing Over

Using liquid to keep roads from freezing is the ideal way to maintain safe streets. While people are generally familiar with salt or sand for clearing road ice, they may have experienced liquid de-icers without realizing it. 

While the ideal scenario is to prevent the icing in the first place, liquid deicers may be utilized in various capacities.

There are different types of de-icing/anti-icing fluids to address various conditions. The primary variables are expected temperature and if the liquid is deployed to aid traditional salt applications or as the primary deicing agent. The most often used applications are to aid salt as an application to the road or to “pre-treat” the salt before application.

Liquids Used in De-icing Pumps

In addition to the liquids mentioned below, other de-icing liquids include glycol, Potassium acetate, chlorides, beet juice, potassium/sodium formate, and urea. 

Examples of liquid applications

Salt Brine Deicers - Liquid Sodium Chloride

Salt Brine is generally used in pre-freezing conditions to aid traditional salt. It provides the liquid necessary for salt to work properly as temperatures drop, preventing ice that does form from adhering to the roadways and requiring less salt to be used. 

Below-Freezing De-icer Liquid - Magnesium Chloride & Calcium Chloride Products 

These liquids can aid traditional salt applications or be used directly as deicers. Applying the liquid up to about 48 hours before expected storm/freezing conditions can keep roads clear longer before salt applications are required.

Pumps for Liquid De-icing Applications

Pumpbiz distributes many different types of pumps for liquid de-icers. If you are pre-treating salt or directly applying the liquid to the roadway, the experts at Pumpbiz can assist you in selecting and configuring the best de-icing pump. Contact us to speak with our specialists.