The term “water hose” can be used for many different applications. But, before you just buy a water hose, you should understand what makes hoses useful for different applications. If you buy the wrong hose, your project can go south very quickly. There are some important differences between the types of hoses.

Some of the considerations in buying a water hose include things like temperature, intake vs discharge, pressure, acidity, potable water use, viscosity and other elements. In addition to the water volume and velocity of the pumping needed, you have to be sure you are thinking about the type of liquid, and where the hose will be used.

Suction Hoses

As the name states, these are hoses designed specifically for moving water from the source to the water pump. The intake or suction hose is flexible for winding up but has a rigidity that prevents the hose from collapsing. The intake hose is designed to let the fluid flow easily into the pump while not collapsing.

Discharge hose

Water can be discharged directly from the pump, but it is more often preferable to move the water to another location. The discharge hose is flexible, rolls easily and can direct the water as needed. Depending on the pressure and location of the hose, the hose may need to be anchored in place to prevent it from moving.

NSF Grade Hose

When potable water is needed, using an NSF Grade hose is a must. The hoses are compatible with FDA food safety requirements. Our NFS grade hoses are made from clear PVC Braided Tubing.

High Temp Discharge Hose

When discharge water approaches 200 f, it’s best to use hosed design for high temps. High temps can negatively affect the integrity of a hose that is not designed to handle it. While water may flow initially, over time, the hose may leak, or even burst depending on the pressure.

Being sure to have the right type of hose means your application has a better chance of successfully operating over time. If you have any questions about the specifications of our hoses or need advice about which hose is best for you, please call.