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Pump accessories available include:

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  1. Hypro Pumps

    2.5 Hg vac Vacuum Switch


    VAC-ON Switches protect pumps from running dry by automatically shutting off motors when liquid is depleted or vacuum drops to a specific level. Rated for AC motors to 2 HP, 110 volt, 1-Phase or 3-Phase. Rated for DC motors to 1/2 HP, 32-115V or ...
  2. Sta-Rite

    1/4" 30-50 PSI Pressure Switch


    For automatic control of most domestic water systems. Pressure switch settings are 30PSI ON and 50PSI OFF. Slight adjusability. Common switch on many water well pumps and sprinkler pumps. Standard 1/4" pipe thread connection to pump or piping.
  3. PumpBiz

    Adjustable Hose Nozzle 3/4"


    The adjustable nozzles are lightweight Thermoplastic and under normal operating conditions of 100 psi are very easy to handle. These nozzles were designed for the express use of firefighting with water. They may also be used for industrial washdo...
    Garden Hose Learn More
  4. Finish Thompson Pumps (FTI)

    Plastic Flow Control Nozzle Manual


    Safely dispenses and controls fluid filling into containers. Has spring loaded flow control handle and hook for holding onto container or rack when not in use. Often used with drum pumps like EF.

    Not for flammable liquids, no grounding provide...

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