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Pump accessories available include:

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  1. 1.5in suction discharge hose kit fire water high pressure pump


    Fire Hose Kit 2



    Fire Hose Kit 2" 

    White jacketed fire / mill discharge hose 2" x 50FT. Lay flat water discharge hose. Factory assembled with threaded hose couplings MxF. Aluminum hose shanks and brass swivel female.

    Green, flexible, abrasion resistant PVC Sucti...

    Fire hose kit 2" Learn More
  2. PumpBiz

    Reducing Quick Coupling A


    Reducing Quick Coupling Part 'A'.
    2"FNPT x 3"MQD Aluminum Learn More
  3. PumpBiz

    2" Tube Suction Strainer

    SRHS-2-LN Barrel Strainer

    2" Tube Suction Strainer. Great for non-selfpriming pumps or as extra protection and priming speed with self-priming pumps. Screen offers large surface area with 3/8" holes. 7"L x 4"D. Zinc plated steel
    Steel Learn More
  4. PumpBiz

    Contractors PVC Discharge Hose 2


    Contractor Grade discharge hose. Step up in service duty from Econo. blue discharge hose. Service: Designed to handle a wide range of water discharge applications in construction, industry, and agricultural service.Construction: Black PVC tube,...
    2" x25FT Learn More
  5. Munro

    Brass Nozzle 2"



    Brass Nozzle Adjustable 2 NPSH. 2" . Operates from shut off - straight stream - fog. Supplied with rubber bumper. 100PSI max. bfn200 

    • Shut off - Straight Stream - Fog
    • Delivers 30° - 60° - 90° fog pattern.


    NB2NPSH Learn More
  6. PumpBiz

    Heavy Duty PVC Discharge Hose


    Heavy Duty premium quality 2.0" High Pressure discharge hose for use in Higher Pressure 150psi applications. PVC, reinforced with two spiral plies and one longitudinal synthetic cord. Mildew resistant. Rolls up flat for easy storage. Red in Col...
    2" x 25FT High Pressure Learn More
  7. Sta-Rite

    6" Suction strainer Lint Trap

    PKG 51

    6" Cast Iron Suction strainer Lint Trap With Basket PKG51 (For Sta-rite C, CC, and D series pumps). 2" FNPT suction port. Two tee handle closure.

    See remote trap installation flange PKG 76

    Performance Curve
    2" NPT Basket Strainer option Learn More
  8. Sta-Rite

    2 in. Suction Flange

    PKG 53

    $352.59 $352.59 Click for price

    2 in. Suction Flange. Includes Flapper Check valve and screws.

    Required for inlet connections of the STA-RITE D series pumps PKG53. 

    Used with Starite irrigation pumps DHE DHF DHH DMG.

    Optional basket strainer is also available in place of Suct...

  9. PumpBiz

    2 inch NPT (M & F) PVC Suction Hose Kit--Econo



    2 inch NPT (M & F) PVC Suction Hose Kit

    Discharge hose working pressure: 80 PSI


    • 20FT. Series 1240 PVC Suction Assembly
    • 50Ft. Series 1145 PVC Water Discharge Hose Assembly
    • Steel Strainer

    Bend Radius 8 Inches, Hose OD 2 1/4 Inche...

    2" Hose kit green Learn More
  10. PumpBiz

    Adjustable Hose Nozzle



    The Prosser nozzles are lightweight Thermoplastic and under normal operating conditions of 100 psi are very easy to handle. These nozzles were designed for the express use of firefighting with water. They may also be used for industrial washdown a...

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