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WaterMaster Floating Pump kit

Pump plus hose
Model Number
Watermaster wm-6gk 706-6

PumpBiz WM-6GK

WATERMASTER floating pump is the lightweight, reliable self-priming pump that floats. It has a heavy duty 5.5 h.p., 4 cycle engine and a 4 to 1 reduction. Agri-drain Kit includes 400FT hose. Floating pump provides 51,480 GPH. The screw on 12.5" impeller and gear will not slip off. The large inlets and specially designed impeller allows the pump to easily handle almost any liquid from water to sludge. Model 706-6

Drain sloughs and pot holes and put productive land back to work for you. Save time and fuel by working through low spots instead of around them. PAY FOR YOUR WATERMASTER PUMP IN JUST ONE YEAR WITH INCREASED PRODUCTION. It is also ideal to fill dugouts and holding ponds for irrigation. You can also use to pump water for flood or trickle irrigation. Special soaker hose is available for irrigation.

<li>Screw on gear</li>
<li>Complete drive in one assembly</li>
<li>Big 6" discharge outlet</li>
<li>Thrust ball bearings rated at over 10,000 hours service</li>
<li>Unbreakable urethane impeller</li>
<li>Tough reinforced fiberglass body</li>
<li>Over 79 1"screen openings</li>
<li>Extra large bronze bearings guide mainshaft top and bottomI. Urethane floatation foam</li>
<p><strong><span>Fuel Tank: (.37 gallon) fuel tank, runs approximately 1 ½ hours on one tank of fuel. </span></strong></p>
<p><span>A larger gas tank can be used with the WATERMASTER Floating, Self Priming Pump. A ( 2.4 - 6 U.S. gallon) tank can be placed on shore with a gravity fed hose connected to the carburetor on the engine. The existing gas tank will have to be disconnected to connect the new fuel line.</span></p>

Watermaster is a lightweight, reliable, self-priming, floating water pump. Due to its easy use, the Watermaster is ideal for drainage, agriculture, irrigation, construction and emergencies. High efficiency and large volume capabilities, in excess of 40,000GPH, make this pump a necessity for every job site or farm.

Fire departments use the WATERMASTER Floating, Self Priming Pump to tap nearby water sources. Just set it on the water surface and start it up! The 5.5 HP heavy duty industrial motor delivers over 190 936 L (42,000 Imp. gallons) (50,440 U.S. gallons) per hour. It will fill your 13 638 L (3,000 Imp. gallon) (3,603 U.S gallon) water tank in less than 5 minutes. The large inlets and specially designed impeller allow the pump to easily handle almost any liquid — from water to sludge. Drain your sloughs and potholes and put that productive land to work for you. So lightweight, you can carry it anywhere.

More Information
Model Number WM-6GK
Series WATERMASTER Floating Pump
Max Flow (GPM.) 858
Max Flow GPH 51480
TDH Maximum (Ft) 31
TDH Maximum (PSI) 13
Horse Power (HP) 5 1/2
Horsepower (IE .5, 1, 1.5, 20) 5.5
Outlet Connection Type Barb
Outlet (In.) 6
Wetted Materials Epoxy coated, FRP
Motor Gas Engine
Speed (RPM.) 1000
Self Priming No
Max Operating Temperature (F) 110
Max Particle Size (In) 1
Viscosity Cream 16.50 cp 100.00 ssu
Mechanical Seal Type Single
Other Intake screen is FRP with 79 -1" holes. Screen is 4" x circumference of float. Engine is heavy duty industrial engine (OHV).

Pump measures 20" x 30" and weighs only 80 lbs.

Impeller Material Metal
Duty Continuous
Run Time (HR.) 90 min
Fuel Tank Size 1.5 QT pumpiing around 77,220 gallons
Country of Manufacture Canada
Weight (Lbs) 150.000000
Warranty (YRS.) 1
GPM Of Water At 15 Feet Of Head 564
GPM Of Water At 20 Feet Of Head 420
GPM Of Water At 25 Feet Of Head 252

Supporting Docs

Supporting Docs
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