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SE2UB-E5HCP 2" Pacer water Pump

Honda GX 2"
Model Number
Pacer 58-12U4-E5HCP SE2UB-E5HCP 2 Pacer water Pump

Pacer 58-12U2-E5HCP

Pacer series S water pump. Solid FRP construction. Centrifugal Horizontal Mechanical Sealed Pump (Self-Priming), with gasoline engine. Great pump for contractors removing water from basements, ditches, dike, salt brine de-icing, swimming pools or anywhere a large volume of water needs to be removed. Also good for irrigation, fish farms etc. ON SALE! Structural plastic is light weight yet very strong for long life. Made in the USA. 4 cycle gasoline Engine is Honda brand GX160. Electronic ignition and low oil alert shut off. See Curve "U"

Often uses on liquid de-icing and pre-wet solutions and systems CFS-500 CFS-1000 CFS-1500 calcote gvm snow. Uses such as snow melt liquid deicer deicing: Potassium Acetate, Sodium Formate, 32% Calcium Chloride, FAA Compliant Ice Melters, Peladow®, LS25, LS-25 CI, and a variety of Environmentally Friendly products SnowMelt. Prewetting / anti-icing, salt pre-wetting systems, salt brine, calcium & Mag chloride, potassium acetate. 

<p>Pacer S pump 58-12H4 C3.0C close coupled to a TEFC 3hp motor. Self priming FRP plastic resists abrasive particles, good for most water transfer applications. Widely used to transfer and spray de-icing / anti-icing solutions, such as calcium chloride, salt brine. For on-truck applications see same pump with gasoline engine or hydraulic motor. See Curve "H"&nbsp;</p>

<p><span>Pacer Pumps is the originator and is recognized as&nbsp;</span><strong>the leading manufacturer of high-performance centrifugal pumps</strong><span>&nbsp;molded from tough modern thermoplastics. Our brand and service is often imitated but never duplicated. Successful adaptation of these products for agricultural, aquaculture, marine, farm/home and&nbsp;industrial applications has resulted in worldwide market acceptance. From farmers to fishermen to industrial mechanics, people turn to Pacer for quality pumps.&nbsp;</span></p>

<p>Pacer's S Series Self-Priming Centrifugal pumps are lightweight and chemically resistant for general service on water, salt water, waste water, mild acids and bases.&nbsp; This is our most popular pump across multiple markets.&nbsp; They feature stainless steel internal fasteners; FKM<sup>&reg;</sup>, EPDM or Buna O-rings with stainless steel external fasteners.&nbsp; There is a non-metallic option which minimizes solution contact with internal metal parts.&nbsp; The pumps are molded of tough, glass-reinforced polyester, polypropylene or Ryton<sup>&reg;</sup>. Polyester models are available with or without lined volute for abrasion resistance.</p>

<p>All pumps include a built-in check valve, feature easy servicing and during pumping, a self-cleaning double volute keeps pump free of settled solids.&nbsp;</p>


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<li>constructed from polyester, polypropylene or Ryton<sup>&reg;&nbsp;</sup></li>

<li>FKM<sup>&reg;</sup>,EPDM or Buna-N elastomers</li>

<li>Stainless steel or non-metallic fasteners for resistance to chemical attack</li>

<li>Choice of drives: electric motor, gasoline or diesel driven, hydraulic</li>

<li>Close-coupled, long-coupled or pedestal mounted</li>

<li>Built-in check valve</li>

<li>Flow rates: to 280 U.S. GPM or 120 ft. TDH @ 60 Hz (to 883 LPM or 25.4m TDH @ 50 Hz)</li>

<li>Suction lift to 25 ft. (7.6m) vertical</li>

<li>1 1/2", 2" or 3" ports, NPT</li>


More Information
Model Number 58-12U2-E5HCP
Series Pacer S Self Priming Pump to 280gpm
Max Flow (GPM.) 200
Max Flow GPH 12000
TDH Maximum (Ft) 130
TDH Maximum (PSI) 56
TDH BEP (FT.) 55.000000
Horse Power (HP) 5 1/2
Horsepower (IE .5, 1, 1.5, 20) 5.5000
Inlet Connection Type FNPT
inlet size 2"
Inlet (In.) 2
Outlet Connection Type FNPT
Outlet (In.) 2
Wetted Materials 304SS, Polyester
Elastomers / O-ring Buna-Nitrile
Motor Gas Engine
Speed (RPM.) 3450
Self Priming Yes
Suction Lift (FT.) 25
Max Operating Temperature (F) 120
Viscosity Cream 16.50 cp 100.00 ssu
Shaft 304SS
Mechanical Seal Face Carbon-ceramic
Mechanical Seal Type Single
Impeller Number (In.) U
Other 3/4" motor shaft.
Impeller Material FRP, semi-open
Drain Yes
Port Rotation No
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight (Lbs) 48.000000
Engine Brand Honda
Warranty (YRS.) 1

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Supporting Docs
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