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Hydrasub submersible Hydraulic Pump

2" pump
Model Number
MP hydrosub hydraulically driven submersible pump

MP 35585

Submersible 2" hydraulic driven pump. A compact, lightweight, hydraulically driven submersible pump with high flow capabilities. This self-priming pump is made with a high strength aluminum alloy that is anodized for corrosion resistance. This pump features a stainless steel impeller, ball bearing, and a gerotor type hydraulic motor. HYDROSUB 20/25/30 may be used to pump out underground vaults and pits, sand traps bunkers, jetting or jetter pumping clean-out.

Can run dry. No priming required. Pumps down to 3/4".

DO NOT use in explosive atmospheres or pump volatile liquids. 35585. Hydraulic motor is 0.37 CI displacement. See pump and motor performance curves.

Also shown under the various images is a alternative pump, gas engine driven submersible trash pump called the FlexPump.

Hydraulic motor must return into a open / non-pressurized reservoir open circuit. Back pressure on the discharge / return side of the hydraulic will damage shaft seal. Skid steer need to be aware of this.

More Information
Model Number 35585
part number MP35585
Series Hydrasub Submersible Trash Pump
Max Flow (GPM.) 240
Max Flow GPH 14400
TDH Maximum (Ft) 76
TDH Maximum (PSI) 33
Outlet (In.) 2
Wetted Materials 304SS, Aluminum
Elastomers / O-ring FKM
Motor Hydraulic Motor
Speed (RPM.) variable
Self Priming Yes
Viscosity Vegetable Oil 34.60 cp 200.00 ssu
Mechanical Seal LIP
Mechanical Seal Type Single
Other includes quick disconnect. HYDRAULIC OIL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: The hydraulic power supply must be capable of delivering a controlled flow rate of 5-9gpm for Model 20 and 8-14gpm for Model 25. The operating oil pressure will vary upon the flow rate load of the pump from 700 to 2100 psi. A maximum relief valve setting of 2400psi is recommended. A hydraulic supply system where the flow rate is controlled is referred to as an ?open center system.? This is the most accurate system to assure that the flow rate does not exceed the maximum limit. A ?closed center system? will have a variable oil flow rate based upon the hydraulic pressure that is a set value. If a closed center system is used, the maximum pressure developed must not exceed 1700 psi, and the pump must always have a supply of water to pump to protect it from running into an over speed condition unless the oil flow rate is limited to less than the maximum. The maximum return pressure or backpressure is 100psi. Higher pressures will result in reduced seal life. Do not install down stream loads or valves. Always allow the return to go directly back to the tank. Supplemental oil cooling may be required to keep the oil temperature below 1750F. Suitable filtration is required (25 micron recommendation) to clean the oil of contaminants that may accelerate wear.
Duty Continuous
Drain No
Port Rotation No
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight (Lbs) 15.000000
Warranty (YRS.) 1

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Supporting Docs
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