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cycle counting kit - 1/2

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    cycle counting kit - 1/2
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All-Flo 40010-60

Every time a cycle is completed, an impulse is sent from the cycle count valve to a data acquisition center for automated input to a PC, PLC, relay or switch. Measuring how much fluid is being transferred through the pump based on the number of elaspsed cycles is a convenient method for:

1) monitoring how much additive a system has received or

2) adding a precise dose of fluid based on a set number of cycles. Cycle based maintenance rather than time interval maintenance is ideal for systems where the fluid is hazardous or abrasive. Elapsed cycles can be monitored from any workstation within a network. The cycle count valve is integral to the air valve. The sensor at the bottom of the air valve is provided (see photo). The configuration for data acquisition and control is not provided.

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Model Number 40010-60
Weight (Lbs) 9.000000

How a AODD works: Two diaphragms connected by the diaphragm rod work in unison to create the liquid motion of the pump. While one side is in suction mode the other is in discharge mode. As a diaphragm moves inward it creates suction. This suction motion causes the balls to move towards each other. As this happens the top valve closes and the bottom valve opens. This allows liquid to enter the chamber through the bottom port.

As the diaphragm moves outward the discharge motion causes the balls to move away from each other. As this happens the top valve opens and the bottom valve closes. This allows liquid to exit the chambers and discharge through the top port. This process constantly alternates between the two chambers to create a continuous cycle. The pump diaphragms are driven by pressurized air that is directed left and right by the movement of the main air valve.

Here’s how it works: When air pressure is applied to the pump, the main air valve moves up and down. When the main air valve is in the down position, air pressure is diverted to the right diaphragm. At the same time, exhaust air from the left diaphragm passes through the shuttle and shuttle plate, and exits the rear of the pump. When the main air valve is in the up position, air pressure is diverted to the left diaphragm while the right diaphragm is exhausted. This process constantly alternates between the up and down position to create a continuous cycle.

All-Flo is a leading manufacturer of fluid handling solutions for industrial markets. Since 1986, our Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps have provided customers with simple solutions for challenging applications. All-Flo’s pumps are made from the widest range of metallic and plastic materials and are suitable for virtually any fluid transfer application. All-Flo was purchased by PSG in 2019.

PSG® (Div of Dover)  is a global leader in the manufacture of pumps, systems and related flow-control solutions for the safe, efficient and reliable transfer of critical and valuable materials. PSG features world-class pump brands 

Dover is a diversified global manufacturer with annual revenue of over $7 billion.