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Compact Motor Starter

6.3-10A 115v-460v
Model Number
Compact Motor Starter weg mpw

PumpBiz 66-2161A


MPW18-3-U010 (See chart below), IP66 watertight enclosure (NEMA 4X). For manual Start- Stop control of single phase motors like sump pumps or transfer pumps.

The WEG MPW Series Manual Motor Protectors provide a very compact solution for operation and protection in motor control applications. The NEC requires four functions to be considered a combination motor starter: Motor Disconnect, Branch Circuit Protection, Motor Controller and Motor Overload Protection. The WEG MPW meets all of these requirements, and the requirements of UL for Self-Protected Motor Controllers to be used in Type-E & F applications. 

Standard Features
• High short-circuit interrupting ratings- Up to 50kA @480V
• Phase Loss sensitivity protection
• UL Type-E self-protected combination starter
• Suitable for Motor Disconnect applications
• Adjustable thermal overload protection with reset, with ambient temperature compensation
• Corrosion resistant PVC enclosures, Two cable entry knockouts, top and bottom
• Rated for DC applications 

Maximum UL Horsepower
Single Phase Three Phase
115V 230V 200V 230V 460V O.L. (A)
1/2 1-1/2 2 3 5 6.3-10

Protection of electric circuits + operation and protection of motors

The MPW Motor-protective Circuit-breakers are a compact solution for the protection of electric circuits, and operation and protection of motors up to 10HP (460V). With high breaking capacity, thus allowing the installation in specific applications with high short-circuit current. They assure complete protection for electric circuits and motors through thermal and magnetic releases, where the thermal protection may be set to protect against overloads and is equipped with a differential mechanism with phase-loss sensitivity, and the magnetic protection is set at 13xIn for short-circuit protection.

ON-OFF through pushbuttons (MPW18) have trip indication, which allows the operator to visualize the status of the breaker.  

VFD Variable Frequency / Speed Control Drives are also available.


More Information
Model Number 66-2161A
part number MPW18-3-U010
Series Weg Motor Controls
Overload Amp Range 6.3-10
Approvals CE, cUL, UL
Country of Manufacture Brazil
Weight (Lbs) 5.000000