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Submersible Pump

Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible water pumps for sumps, sewage, septic, effluent, dewatering ditches, basements, floors, yards and more. These submersible pumps come in all voltages from 12 / 24vdc, 115/230vac and 230/460v 3-phase. Sizes range from very small circulators and bilge to large 15HP submersible. Pump cases are made in plastic, cast iron, stainless steel.

For well pumps and fountain/pond pumps see their respective categories in the application listing.

Submersible Pump Accessories

Some submersibles come with level switches for automatic operation while others it is an option. We also have discharge hose, control starter boxes, basis and duplex packages.

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  1. Barmesa 3bse submersible sewage non clog pump

    Barmesa Pumps

    Submersible 1HP 3" Sewage Pump


    36% Off Special Price $1,172.00 Regular Price $1,823.00

    Submersible NON-CLOG pump, Barmesa 1.5" spherical solids handling. 25 ft. cord. All cast iron. Impeller Design: open, double vane.Material: cast iron ASTM A-48 class 30, dynamically balanced, ISO G6.3. 62180508 

    Barmesa 3BSE-SS Series Submersible...

    200/230/v/1 1HP Learn More
  2. Barmesa Pumps

    316 Stainless Sewage Pump



    BSV Submersible Stainless Vortex Sewage Pump. 2BSV-101DS 72090062

    316SS Electric 1HP submersible trash pump for commercial applications where corrosion is a problem and reliability is required. 316SS is a superior grade of corrosion resistant ste...

    1HP 230v Learn More
  3. Barmesa Pumps

    High pressure septic pump


    STEP Submersible High Head Effluent, septic tank pump. S.T.E.P. series are designed for use in pressure sewer systems. STEP Submersible effluent pump designed to efficiently handle septic tank effluent solids applications for the long term. Rug...
    1HP 230v 2" High Head, Manual Learn More
  4. Tsurumi

    LB Heavy Duty Dewatering Pump



    Heavy Duty Submersible Dewatering Pump. Tsurumi Submersible pump with top discharge provides maximum motor cooling efficiency allowing continuous duty operation at low water levels and extended dry-run capability. Semi-open urethane impeller with ...

    1HP 230v/1 Learn More
  5. PumpBiz

    Fountain pump 1hp Brass



    Submersible Pond Fountain pumps specially designed for use in decorative water fountain displays and as waterfall pump.

    Brass construction, 4 and 6 vane open impeller. 304 stainless steel screen with screen area of 264 sq. in. wrap around. Dis...

    230v /1 1HP Learn More
  6. Tsurumi

    Tsurumi pond pump 230v 1HP


    Tsurumi Submersible Pond Fountain Pumps. 5520GPH, 1770 watts
    • Watertight Cable Entrance with Anti-wicking block.
    • Permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings rated B-10 60,000 hours.
    • Built in motor protection
    • Continuous duty air filled copper...
    1HP 230v Learn More
  7. Little Giant Pumps

    16S-CIM Little Giant Pump


    Sewage ejector pump by Little Giant. This pump utilizes epoxy coated cast iron or aluminum housing and contain non-toxic dielectric oil, which provides continuous lubrication for maximum motor life. Submersible Pump 230V, Manual, 20' Power Cord...
    1 HP 230V Learn More
  8. AMT Pumps

    Submersible Shredder Sewage Pump


    20% Off Special Price $1,181.60 Regular Price $1,477.00
    Submersible Electric Shredder Sewage pumps IPT feature an enhanced spiral shredder mechanism plate and carbide tipped impeller to prevent clogging and reduce maintenance when cutting through stringy, fibrous and sludge type waste. Applications ...
    230v/1 1HP 7,200GPH 2" Learn More
  9. EBARA Pumps

    SS sewage 1hp



    1HP SS sewage pump vortex / non-clog impeller. No float switch. Ebara stainless steel submersible dominator series of sewage pumps are made entirely of 304 stainless steel and have 25' power cords. 230v/1 

    EBARA Dominator is superior in dependabi...

    1HP 230v/1 vortex/non-clog impeller Learn More
  10. Barnes Pumps

    3SE Septic tank pump


    Septic tank pump. Submersible non-clog sewage pump designed for typical raw sewage applications. Vortex impeller. 1725 RPM
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