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Submersible Pump

Submersible Water Pumps

Submersible water pumps for sumps, sewage, septic, effluent, dewatering ditches, basements, floors, yards and more. These submersible pumps come in all voltages from 12 / 24vdc, 115/230vac and 230/460v 3-phase. Sizes range from very small circulators and bilge to large 15HP submersible. Pump cases are made in plastic, cast iron, stainless steel.

For well pumps and fountain/pond pumps see their respective categories in the application listing.

Submersible Pump Accessories

Some submersibles come with level switches for automatic operation while others it is an option. We also have discharge hose, control starter boxes, basis and duplex packages.

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  1. Koshin Pumps

    1HP Submersible Trash Pump



    1HP Submersible Trash Pump

    2" Rugged industrial submersible trash pumps with solids handling capacity of 0.4 inches. PKJR features a solid rubber base for added protection, double mechanical seals, and thermal overload protection to prevent burno...

    1HP 115v 2" Learn More
  2. Koshin Pumps

    Submersible Dewatering Pump contractor



    2" 1HP Contractor Heavy duty submersible dewatering pump. Electric pump for dirty water in ditches, swimming pools. Often found in rental shops, contractor fleets. Pumps up to 88GPM ( 5280GPH ). Maximum head to 54Ft....see performance chart. Indus...

    115/110v 5420GPH 2" 1HP Learn More
  3. Myers Pumps

    Grinder Pump 1ph


    The new Myers VR1 grinder feature a patent pending axial cutter technology that easily slices through solids and trash found in domestic wastewater without roping or clogging. This come with plenty of standard features to make installation a breez...
    1HP 115&230v Learn More
  4. Barmesa Pumps

    316 Stainless Sewage Pump



    BSV Submersible Stainless Vortex Sewage Pump. 2BSV-101DS 72090062

    316SS Electric 1HP submersible trash pump for commercial applications where corrosion is a problem and reliability is required. 316SS is a superior grade of corrosion resistant ste...

    1HP 115v Learn More
  5. EBARA Pumps

    Stainless Steel sewage 1hp



    Stainless Steel sewage pump, submersible

    vortex / non-clog impeller. No float switch. 1HP 230v three phase Ebara 304SS submersible dominator series of sewage pumps are made entirely of 304 stainless steel and have 25' power cords. These commercia...

    1HP 230V HS Learn More
  6. Pro Series Pumps

    1HP Submersible pump


    Sewage Pump 1HP with Vertical switch. 4400 GPH @ 10 Ft.

    Pro Series submersible pumps. Sump pump, submersible dewatering pump, effluent pump. Not all sump pumps are created equal! Select level switch like the Ultimate sensor switch and deluxe c...

    1HP 115v 4400GPH Vertical switch Learn More
  7. Barmesa Pumps

    Submersible 3" Sewage Pump 1HP


    Submersible NON-CLOG pump, 1.5" spherical solids handling. 230v three phase. 25 ft. cord. All cast iron. Impeller Design: open, double vane.Material: cast iron ASTM A-48 class 30, dynamically balanced, ISO G6.3.
    200/230/v/3 1HP Learn More
  8. Barmesa Pumps

    Submersible 3" Sewage Pump 1HP



    Barmesa submersible 3" sewage pump.

    460v Submersible NON-CLOG pump, 2" spherical solids handling. 25 ft. cord. All cast iron. Impeller Design: open, double vane.Material: cast iron ASTM A-48 class 30, dynamically balanced, ISO G6.3. 

    Barmesa 3BS...

    460/v/3 1HP Learn More
  9. Tsurumi

    1 hp Saltwater pump


    Saltwater pumps submersible Semi vortex.

    The all wetted parts are made of titanium, Far stronger than stainless steel, titanium will never rust in sea water or under similar conditions. Automatic version. Float is internally wired.

    230 or 460V Automatic Learn More
  10. Munro Pumps

    Dewatering Pump 1HP


    Suitable for countless applications including construction, mining, utilities, industrial, marine, cistern and more. High/Low head and capacity are interchangeable by merely changing impeller and discharge outlet. Cutting-edge designed double c...
    1HP/115V Learn More
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