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12v water pump demand

Gallons Per Hour:
60 (1 GPM)
Aquatec 5852-7E12-0664 12v water pump demand
12v water pump. 550 Series Super Flow Pump: These pumps are specifically designed for mobile low flow or low voltage applications such as water systems, pesticides and fertilizers. 12 VDC. Pressure switch set at 60 PSI. Connections are 1/4 " John Guest fittings, push to connect.

OPERATION: The 550 pumps can draw water from a holding tank and pressurizeit, or boost the pressure from a low pressure source. It is designed to operate intermittently, but most versions can run continuously for several hour intervals.It can be operated in demand mode controlled by an integral pressure switch,or in delivery mode controlled by an external power switching device. Anintegral bypass may be used to limit pressure. POWER: The power demand varies depending on flow and pressure from 50W to 200W. Motor is 12 VDC.Standard termination are 12" Long 14 AWG lead wires with a stripped end,connectors or cords with plugs are optional. MOUNTING: A steel mounting base with four hollow rubber grommets is standard and includedat no extra cost. The pump may be mounted in any position. The hole pattern matches those of Flojet and ShurFlo brands for easy drop in replacement. The pump can be ordered with a .750" port opening that accepts "quick connect" beverage style O-ring barb fittings, for use with 5/8" (16 mm) ID tubing. See model designation

*Geolast- nitrile based thermoplastic elastimer used in place of nitrile (Buna-N) or neoprene for non-aggressive water-based applications *Santoprene- EPDM-based thermoplastic elastimer and is resistant to mild acids, some solvents and bases

More Information
Model Number 5852-7E12-0664
Series 580 Water pump Electric Diaphragm
Max Flow (GPM.) 1
Max Flow GPH 60
TDH Maximum (Ft) 138
TDH Maximum (PSI) 60
Inlet (In.) 0.25
inlet size Less than 1"
Outlet (In.) 0.25
Wetted Materials PolyPro-GF
Elastomers / O-ring Geolast
Voltage (V) 12DC
Voltage (Range) 12/24/36 VDC
Motor TENV
Self Priming Yes
Suction Lift (FT.) 11
Max Operating Temperature (F) 145
Viscosity SAE 30 oil 352.00 cp 2000.00 ssu
Length (In.) 9.000000
Mechanical Seal No
Applications Chemical, Condensation, Constant Pressure, Contractor, Coolant, Cooling, Dewatering, Dosing, Drum, Flooded Suction, High Pressure, Hydrostatic Test, Ink, Irrigation, Machine Tool, Parts Washer, Self-Priming, Water Blast
Other Pressure switch is adjustable within certain range 30 - 70 psi. Motor is a permanent magnet - brush type. If used at hign end of pressure range, use for time periods <40 minutes. See temperature performance curve. 4 amps @ 60PSI.

NOT for use with flammable liquids.

Duty 20 minute duty cycle
Drain No
Port Rotation No
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight (Lbs) 7.000000
Time to Ship (DAYS) 1 day

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