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3 Inch Trash Pumps

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FlexPump submersible trash pump

Flex shaft pump powerd by a Honda 5.5HP Gas Engine

3-Inch trash pumps are ideal for dewatering job sites, to remove water from fields and golf courses, and other applications where the water may be clear or have small debris, the 3” trash pumps are ideally suited. If you need to move larger amounts of water quickly, check the trash pumps and semi-trash pumps on our site, or give us a call.

PumpBiz carries a large selection of 3-inch trash pumps and semi-trash pumps from the top manufacturers. For a full list of trash pump, click here, or give us a call. We will help you decide on the best trash pump for your needs, whether electric motor, gas or diesel engines, we can be sure it is right for you.

3-inch Trash Pumps from AMT

AMT is a leading manufacturer of trash pumps, with both electric and engine driven pumps. For a full list of AMT Trash Pumps, click here.

Koshin 3-inch Trash and Semi-Trash Pumps

Koshin, as a leading manufacturer of trash pumps and semi-trash pumps, is one of the most reliable pump manufacturers. You can see their full line of trash pumps here. Koshin pumps come with Honda, Kohler or Koshin engines.

Riverside 3-inch Trash Pumps

Riverside (Homelite) Trash pumps provide long lasting reliabiliity with a strong line of 3-inch trash pumps. here is a full line of our Riverside / Homelite trash pumps.


Full line of 3 inch Trash Pumps

Find the right 3" trash pump for you application. PumpBiz is not limitted to one or two brands, we carry trash pumps from dozen or more manufacturers. From moving water with pebbles and twigs to sand and mud pumps, we have the trash pump you need. Call us or shop online.