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Monarch Pumps

Monarch pumps, Centrifugal pumps are built on the strength of cast iron. Monarch manufactured high efficiency pumps of all types. Water pumps, submersible, effluent, sewage pumps, trash, utility, fire, Ag, irrigation, industrial pumps. Monarch Pumps are available with electric motors, gas powered engine including Honda, and long coupled pedestal. Flows to 1000 GPM and 50 HP. Diesel, gas engine driven or electric powered. Water Horse and Red Lion are old brand names.

2017 Monarch pumps, made in Canada are not made any longer, but PumpBiz does have inventory of several pump models and most of the repair parts / kits. Need repair parts including shaft seal, call us at 800-PumpBiz or type your model number into our extensive web site search box.

As a American made alternative quality brand consider AMT Pumps, Berkeley or MP. Let the PumpBiz expert pump application staff suggest a equal replacement and a great value in your pumping needs. 800-PumpBiz (786-7249).

Trash pumps in Gas / Diesel powered 

Self Priming Electric dewatering pumps

Sprinkler Irrigation electric pumps 

High pressure / fire gas / diesel pumps

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  1. pump impeller


    Wear plate FMIT pumps


    25% Off Special Price $320.00 Regular Price $428.00
    Wear plate for Monarch pump MIT-40 and Franklin FMIT-40 self priming trash high pressure frame mounted pumps.
    MIT-40 Wear Plate Learn More
  2. Monarch

    Wear plate FMIT pumps


    Wear plate for Monarch pump MIT-30 and Franklin FMIT-30 self priming trash high pressure frame mounted pumps.
    MIT-30 Wear Plate Learn More
  3. Monarch

    8BSGF-12 3" Water pump


    Call For Price

    FBSGF-12 90271012 self priming water pump, Gas engine, Briggs / Stratton Intek standard. 8 HP. OBSolete see Honda engine version

    Replaces Monarch BSGF series of self priming engine driven pumps are general purpose pumps designed for liquid transf...

    OBSOLETE BSGF 8HP Briggs Learn More
  4. Monarch

    Mechanical shaft seal Tunsten



    Mechanical shaft seal for Monarch Franklin pump shaft in MIG30 and 20 , MIT, BSEF, TT high pressure, 8BSGF-12 8FBSGF-12 NSGF-8 ACGF FBSEF-500 - 75 pumps. 240359 MS-62 1-1/4" 

    TC / SC

    MIG30 8FBSGF Tungsten / Silicon Carbide Learn More
  5. Monarch

    Impeller BSTF pumps


    Impeller for Monarch pump BSTF 3hp
    BSTF-3 Learn More
  6. Monarch

    Mechanical shaft seal


    Mechanical shaft seal for Monarch pump shaft in 9704485 MS-16 5/8 TYPE 6 BF30-1C1 SEAL "
    BSE-100 Learn More
  7. Monarch

    Mechanical shaft seal


    Mechanical shaft seal for Monarch pump shaft in MIG40 and MIT high pressure pumps. MS-62. 1-1/2" type 21 XF-1C1
    seal Learn More
  8. Monarch

    ACGF-8SD High Pressure pump


    Call For Price

    High Pressure pump with 8HP Intek gas engine. The ACGF Series pump is excellent for a wide variety of booster, Ag sprayer, jetting piles, fire fighting and sprinkler applications. They are constructed with a rugged cast iron casting, cast iron clo...

    8HP Briggs Learn More
  9. Monarch



    Call For Price
    Monarch ACE (FAC-S0 series pumps are closed coupled end suction centrifugal pumps. Solid cast iron construction. They are an excellent choice for a wide variety of pumping applications such as lawn sprinkling, pressure boosting or as circulator...
    2HP 3-phase Learn More
  10. Monarch

    FAOT-5 Pedestal Pump


    Call For Price

    Franklin FAOT-5 Monarch AOT pedestal end suction centrifugal pumps are of frame mount design for either belt drive or direct drive through a flexible coupling. This allows the option of connecting the AOT to the electric motor or gas engine.

    2HP at 3450 RPM Learn More
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