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115V Water booster pump Flux Boosting System

3/4HP 115v Automatic water pump PSI
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pearl presflo pedrollo water pump automatic

Pedrollo PWSMS0725G30P

Pedrollo PresFlo Boosting System (pressure activated) or Booster Pump System starts and stops the water pump according to the user's water needs. Automatic pump. The PresFlo replaces the traditional pressure system of a tank, pressure switch, and float switch. Use to pull water out of shallow wells, reservoir tanks and ponds to be used for household water pressure or sprinkler system.

Therefore the system has the following advantages:

  •   Easy installation
    • Reduced dimensions
    • Overload protection
    • Constant flow
    • No maintenance required
    • No need to install pressure tanks
    • Working pressure monitoring. Pump turns on based on PSI setting.
    • Pump protection against running dry, with automatic reset

  • Minimum Starting Pressure: Adjustable
    between 10 and 70 psi 

  • Shut-Off Flow Rate: Between 0.25
    and 0.50 gpm


The electronic pressure and flow controller PRESFLO DELUXE monitors the pressure and flow rate that runs through it and protects the pump against dangerous working conditions such as running dry. When a tap is opened (drop in psi) PRESFLO DELUXE starts the water pump and keeps it running, delivering constant flow and pressure even at low flow rates. The PRESFLO DELUXE will stop the water pump when the flow rate demand is between 0.25 and 0.50 gpm.

In case of a leak in the system (less than .5 GPM) the Flux Control will not start the pump avoiding useless power consumption. Ideal for average to large two story homes or long runs of plumbing. Five water outlets can be operated at the same time without substantially reducing performance.

See images and product bulletins above.

Features and Benefits:

  • Body with built-in check valve.

• Solid FRP body, for drinking water usage.
• Pressure loss extremely low. For this reason it is
possible to use PRESFLO DELUXE assembled to
pumps with a capacity of up to 50 gpm.
• A special valve guarantees the pump continuous
operation, even with a capacity near zero.
• PRESFLO DELUXE works in vertical and horizontal
• Inlet and outlet standard 1” thread (NPT)
• A spring membrane water accumulator guarantees the
highest level of protection against water hammer
effect. PRESFLO DELUXE’s capacity is essential to
avoid frequent starts/stops of the pump in case of
leaks in the systems.
• Circuit board easy to replace, available in 115V and

More Information
Model Number PWSMS0725G30P
Series Booster Pump System with FLUX pump controller
Max Flow (GPM.) 35
Max Flow GPH 1800
TDH Maximum (PSI) 45
Horse Power (HP) 3/4
Horsepower (IE .5, 1, 1.5, 20) 0.75
Inlet Connection Type FNPT
Inlet (In.) 1
Outlet Connection Type FNPT
Outlet (In.) 1
Wetted Materials SS-Plastic
Elastomers / O-ring Buna-Nitrile
Voltage (V) 115
Voltage (Range) 110-120
Phase (Ø) Single (1)
Motor Frequency 60
Motor Amps (A) 13.6 /7
Motor TEFC
Speed (RPM.) 3450
Self Priming Yes
Suction Lift (FT.) 15
Max Operating Temperature (F) 104
Viscosity Water 1.00 cp 31.00 ssu
Shaft 304SS
Mechanical Seal Face Carbon-ceramic
Mechanical Seal Type Single
Other See performance chart under IMAGE tab for flow and pressure boost values.
Maximum working pressure: 95 psi
Minimum starting pressure: 20 psi
Outdoor and water resistant.
Impeller Material Noryl plastic
Cord Length (Ft.) 8
Drain Yes
Port Rotation No
Country of Manufacture Italy
Weight (Lbs) 25.000000
Warranty (YRS.) 2