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Start Box 220 coil volt

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    Start Box 220 coil volt
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Irrigation pump controller 230v
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sprinkler irrigation pump relay start box

Munro MPSR220A290

StartBox The water level control box is a simple, cost effective control for applications when the water level is variable. The Munro water level control provides pilot duty operation when thermal overload protection is present, for example, submersible water feature pumps or dewatering pumps. Used any place power can be interrupted, this control transforms all outbound voltage to a low, safe, 24v. Low external voltage is especially important when external sensors or switches, such as the float switch included with this control box.- 220v,10hp,REV and HOA operation for all types of electricity driven pump equipment.

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More Information
Model Number MPSR220A290
Horse Power (HP) 10
Horsepower (IE .5, 1, 1.5, 20) 10
Voltage (V) 230
Voltage (Range) 220-240
Phase (Ø) Single (1)
Weight (Lbs) 6.000000