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Shaft Seal KTH

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    Shaft Seal KTH
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SiC water pump seal
Model Number
Koshin Pumps - 0115678: Shaft Seal

Koshin 0115678

Mechanical shaft seal for Koshin KTH-80x KTH-80S KTH-100S. Repair part for semi-trash and trash pump made by Koshin and as a upgrade to cheap china clones. Includes solid silicon carbide seal faces along with SS spring.

Recommended anytime the impeller is changed or the shaft seal has been removed. Keeps the water from leaking down the shaft into the engine bearing. Koshin self priming pump part. Original quality seal replace many Asian cloned less quality pump copies by northstar, be, wacker, multiquip, subaru. Honda o115678

More Information
Model Number 0115678
Wetted Materials 316SS
Elastomers / O-ring Buna-Nitrile
Mechanical Seal Face Silicon Carbide
Mechanical Seal Type Single
Weight (Lbs) 1.000000

Koshin pumps are the standard and known world wide in the contractor, rental, and portable pump markets as the brand to use. Most portable water pumps by Koshin feature Honda gas engines. Koshin manufactures a complete line of self priming centrifugal pumps for general transfer, high pressure and trash debris filled liquids. These pumps come in gas or diesel engine and single phase electric submersibles. Koshin is the most copied pump design coming out of China, but do not think they are the same. Use only the best, the original Koshin.

For over 70 years Koshin has continued to invest in new product testing and development. Koshin totally redesigned its production facilities in 2013 adding in house aluminum die casting, production automation, and state of the art process flow management. With a core philosophy of customer satisfaction, Koshin insures that each product off of its production line is of the finest quality. This is why we can proudly say that the performance specification found in this catalog are guaranteed minimum. This is often not the case with our competitors, who inflate actual performance values.

To further insure our valued customers that Koshin stands by our produces, we offer a 3 year limited warranty against manufactured defects. Our pumps are used and loved in 160 all over the world.

Koshin… the world’s toughest pump.