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Parts for pumps made by leading pump mfr's, genuine factory parts. AMT, IPT, Wayne, Berkeley, March, Koshin, Pacer, All-Flo, Little Giant, Monarch, Franklin, Standard, Graco, FTI and many more. Most parts in stock.

Free replacement pump part installation help, application support.

Most pumps have the repair manual and parts list provided on the page of the pump. Also simply entering the pump model number into our search box and picking parts will lead you to associated OEM repair parts.

Need a factory trained service technician to repair fix your pump PumpBiz Pump Repair.  

Many generic / off brand pumps "look" like the brand name pumps above, but since they were cheap china pumps the parts are not identical. Further, the engine or motor brand has nothing to due with the pump mounted to it as far as identification. Honda engines are used on the quality pumps like Koshin, AMT and Pacer but they are also used on the cheap clones.




Many of the Koshin parts also fit subaru, powermate, godwin, wacker.

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  1. Finish Thompson

    Speed Control Kit


    Speed control kit used on a FTI M3V and M5V drum pump motors. Includes speed control module, triac and wire connector.
    Drum Pump motor part Learn More
  2. Finish Thompson

    PF Impeller


    Impeller for PF drum pump by FTI. Barrel pump impeller for all PFP, PFV pumps. Genuine Finish Thompson repair part.
    Drum Pump part Learn More
  3. Finish Thompson

    Motor Brush Kit


    Motor brush kit used on a FTI M3V and M5V drum pump motors. 2 required / motor. Sold as a set
    Drum Pump motor part Learn More
  4. Finish Thompson

    Impeller Magnet Drive DB10


    Impeller magnet drive 8P DB10P Poly, carbon bushing. 8-pole magnet for FTI pump. Impeller snaps on, buy separately based on diameter
    PolyPro Learn More
  5. Finish Thompson

    Barrier part DB10


    Barrier W/ silicon carbide thrust washer DB10P. Back cup / barrier holding Impeller magnet drive for FTI pump.
    PolyPro Learn More
  6. Finish Thompson

    Impeller DB10


    Impeller FTI DB10P Poly, pump. Impeller DB10P 3.75" PP/PTFE. Impeller snaps on magnet hub, buy separately based on number of magnet poles
    PolyPro Learn More
  7. Finish Thompson

    FTI NPT Bung Adapter


    Bung adapter For FTI EPP Pumps1" FNPT x 2"MNPT
  8. Finish Thompson

    KC22/32 Impeller w/ thrust ring 6" PP O


    Impeller Hub with thrust washer - 6.0" dia. PP open for FTI KC22 or KC32 pumps. This is the full impeller diameter.
  9. Finish Thompson

    KC22/32 Impeller drive magnet w/ carbon bushing PP O


    FTI Impeller drive magnet w/ carbon bushing PP open for KC22/32 models. Does not include impeller.
  10. Finish Thompson

    Barrier for KC22/32


    PP Barrier liner for FTI magdrive KC22P or KC32P pump.
    PolyPro Learn More
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