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Wayne Electric Pumps

Wayne Utility pumps make your work around the house or farm easier. Electric utility pumps are perfect for everyday household use. Gasoline powered pumps are designed for more powerful farm and commercial uses. Electric utility pumps empty clogged sinks, drain flooded basements, bail boats, power wash cars and trucks. Gasoline-powered utility pumps work well for irrigation, construction, fire fighting and many other applications.

Submersible Pump

  • Perfect for draining sinks, boats, basements.
  • Sealed motor allows for total submersion
  • Pumps to within 1/4 inch of surface

Electric Non-Submersible Pump

  • Quickly fills stock tanks or empties flooded basements
  • Boosts water pressure for power washing cars, vans, and trucks.
  • Also good for lawn sprinkling

Use DualFloat Level Switch or FloodFree Switch with manual pump or any other pump.

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  1. Wayne

    115 Volt Portable Pump


    Portable Pump. The portable pumping system is designed for every day or emergency puddle use. Perfect for transferring or removing unwnted water from waterbeds, aquariums, or clogged non-draining sinks. Quickly drain water heater. Self-primin...
    115v Learn More
  2. Wayne

    1/4 HP Submersible Utility Pump


    ON SALE....TSC utility pumps are water cooled for best performance in continuous duty applications such as draining flooded basements, emptying water filled boats and removing water from sinks, tubs, stock tanks, window wells, and flat roofs....
  3. Wayne

    1/2 HP Portable Electric Utility Pump


    Model PC4 can be used to pump water from flooded basements, empty boats, drain stock tanks or water lawns and gardens, bathing washing your dog. It can also be used to boost line pressure like a hydro surge by as much as 40PSI for power washing...
    115v Learn More
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