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Tsurumi water pumps, gas or electric, submersible or self-priming.

Tsurumi pump line of submersible dewatering and Tsurumi fountain pond pumps along with self priming trash, irrigation and contractor pumps for water. With 7 types of submersibles (dewatering to floor sucker low level) and 7 types of engine drive pumps (trash to high pressure fire), you are sure to find one that fits you water or wastewater pumping applications. If you need a mud / diaphragm pump , Tsurumi offers 2" and 3" sizes.

Tsurumi Pump is a leading brand name in the mining, rental and contractor markets with pumps and gas generators. Reliable and cost-effective pumps and generators enable Tsurumi to remain an industry leader in the rental and construction markets. Our customers know that while many pumps and generators may look the same, only Tsurumi incorporates the most durable components into the final manufactured product.

Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading Japanese pump manufacturer. Since its foundation in 1924, the brand of choice with contractors and rental shops.

Suction and Discharge hoses and accessories.

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  1. Tsurumi

    Automatic Dewatering Pump Industrial Sump pump



    Tsurumi Automatic Dewatering Pump.

    Industrial Sump pump. Automatic Heavy Duty Dewatering Pump. Tsurumi dewatering Pumps, submersible pump -Top discharge provides maximum motor cooling efficiency allowing continuous duty operation at low water lev...

    Auto. 2" 115V Learn More
  2. Tsurumi

    Ground Level Drainage Pump



    Tsurumi Submersible Low Level Pump. Top discharge allows continuous duty low water pumping down to 0.2" without overheating motor. 62GPM 3,720GPH

    Original residue ground level dewatering pump, mop-up pump; able to pump down to the floor. Continuo...

    115v 62GPM 3 720GPH 2/3HP Learn More
  3. Tsurumi

    LB Dewatering Pump



    Dewatering Pump, electric. 

    Heavy duty, LB-480-62 made for the contractor & retal stores but used by consumers demanding quality and long life out of a submersible water pump. LB480 is Not a full trash pump but will handle dewatering ditches, pud...

    Manual 115V 2" 0.66HP Learn More
  4. Tsurumi

    Floor Level Residue Pump



    Tsurumi Submersible Pumps -Ideal for complete drainage of flat surfaces where a sump is not available: rooftops, parking lots garages, roadways underpasses, service utility pits, basements, plant maintenance cleanup, pools spas. USE FLOOR SUCKER P...

    115v 45GPM 2700GPH 2/3HP Learn More
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