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Pacer S Self Priming Pump to 280gpm

Pacer Pump Series 'S' Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps are lightweight, durable, chemically resistant pumps for general service on water, salt water, Ag chemicals, fertilizer, insecticides, waste water, mild acids and bases. For cut-a-way view see "Outline Drawing". FEATURES:
  • Honda & Briggs gas, diesel engines and hydraulic or air drive.
  • Nonmetallic or 316 SS internal solution contact.
  • FKM®, ethylene propylene or Buna-N "O"-rings
  • Made in the USA.
  • Tough, glass reinforced polyester, polypropylene or Ryton®(PPS) thermoplastics.
  • Polyester or Polypropylene with or without lined volute for abrasion resistance.
  • Built-in check valve & self-cleaning double volute

The abrasion resistant volute option extends pump life in "DIRTY WATER" applications. To test the life of the rubber lined plastic self priming pump to that of a regular cast iron self priming centrifugal pump of similar size and design both pumps were run pumping a sand-water (about 20% sand) abrasive solution. Failure of the pump was detected by measuring priming vacuum after every eight hours of operation.

The pump of cast iron failed after 61 hrs of operation. Its vacuum fell off to 4 inches of mercury, and it was found to have annular grooves worn into it as much as 1/8 inch deep.

The plastic 'S' pump with the 1/16 inch thick rubber volute face was tested for 81 hours, after which time it would still pull 24 inches of mercury (27 ft. of water). While the volute with "hard" faces were gouged and the impeller vanes worn by the sand particles caught between the impeller vanes and the volute, the rubber lined volute and impeller remained in good shape.

Widely used to transfer and spray de-icing / anti-icing solutions, such as calcium chloride, salt brine. For on-truck applications see pumps with gasoline or diesel engine (-E).

Forth letter in model number is the curve on Performance Graph

Other Fire Pumps:Gorman-Rupp'IPT' Pump, Darley'Dolphin' Fire Pump Do not pump substances which have pH factor of over 10 or a temperature of over 200 Deg. F. The PERFORMANCE CHART is based on water.

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    SPRY2AL G.75C


    Pacer S pump close coupled to a TEFC 115/230v 1 phase electric motor. Self priming pump, POLY plastic resists abrasive particles, good for most water transfer applications, fountains, irrigation. Pacer pumps are made in the USA. Pacer pump has be...
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