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Little Giant Pumps

Little Giant Pump Company's origins date back to 1941, when an idea by a plumber named Doc Wolfe became the world's first submersible electric motor-driven pump. Little Giant Pump comprehensive line now includes waste water pumps, sump, effluent and sewage submersible pumps, dewatering trash pumps, condensate pumps, magnetic drive pumps, low pressure sewer systems, water garden pond fountain pumps and a wide variety of utility pumps. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Teel ®
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  1. Little Giant Pumps



    10" diff. Vertical Diaphragm Switch

    this vertical diaphragm switch provides automatic control of a pump in water and effluent or sewage applications. The design allows it to operate in applications with limited space, such as small sump chambers....

  2. Little Giant Pumps

    RS-5 115V 10' power cord



    Converts any manual pump, up through 1/2 HP (10 amps), to automatic. When mounted to 5-MSP pump, "on" level range is 6"-9" and "off" level range is 1" - 4" . Cord is 10 ft. with piggy-back plug. Switch is a diaphragm type, therefore no moving part...

    115v 1/2HP diaphragm switch Learn More
  3. Little Giant Pumps

    Impeller Kit Pony


    Proven, Pony, Pump Repair Kit, Fits 555502 555103, 1P579C and 1P580 IP580 Pump, Models D, E and F, Proven Pump Models 360 and 365. Includes 2 Impellers, Gaskets, a lip seal and washer as pictured. For Water temperature range: 40 Degree to 140 Deg...
  4. Little Giant Pumps

    SPRK-1 LG Diaphragm Switch kit


    Diaphragm Switch or pressure switch repair kit for Little Giant Pump 6 and 8 series 6-CIA, 8-CIA, 8-CBA. Includes switch housing and all internals. Includes instructions. For little giant diaphram switch controlled sump pumps.

    Includes switch ...

    Repair Kit Learn More
  5. Little Giant Pumps

    Anode 599002


    Sacrificial Anode helps protect aluminum body pumps from galvanic corrosion. Magnesium rod with 6" long wire connector. Connect to pump body.
  6. Little Giant Pumps

    Wet end TE-7MD-CK


    Little Giant chemical pump repair part wet end kit. Includes all wetted parts.
  7. Little Giant Pumps

    TE-5MD wet end kit


    TE-5MD wet end kit. Includes all wetted pump parts. Not the same as a PEO.
    583698 Learn More
  8. Little Giant Pumps

    1-1/4xGH Garden hose adapter


    1.25 MNPT x 3/4" GHT hose adapter. Connects to any standard garden hose fitting.
  9. Little Giant Pumps



    Sewage ejector pump. Submersible Ejector Pump 230V, Manual, 40' Power Cord Without Plug, Single-Phase. Professional series pond fountain pump.
    1 HP 230V Learn More
  10. Little Giant Pumps



    Submersible Ejector Pump 200-208V, Manual, 20' Power Cord Without Plug, Single-Phase. Sewage ejector pump made in the USA.
    1 HP 200/208V Learn More
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