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580 Water pump Electric Diaphragm

Water pump. Super Flow delivery demand pump. Electric diaphragm pump technology designed to meet a wide variety of fluid transfer applications, the 580 series is a classic example of Aquatec's commitment in offering silent solutions to pump applications. Use for bottled water, RV or RO. When compared to competitive electric diaphragm pumps, the 580 series offers dramatically lower noise and higher performance. As a wash down pump, they offer much higher pressures than competive electric diaphragm pump models.A new patented piston design ensures higher compression ratios for better start up and better dry priming. This pump can be mounted in several positions without entrapping air including head up and head down. Close tolerances within the pump head and motor result in lower amp draw, lower operating temperatures, smoother running, longer life, lower maintenance, and greater efficiencies. This pump incorporates powder cast alloys and a unique label sealing process to reduce exposure to moisture which is the major cause of motor failure. The pump is capable of operating in a warm, humid, hostile environment where other pumps have been known to fail. We believe this to be the most durable pump available on the market today.

Available in 12v ,24v, 115 and 220 VAC or VDC. Flow rates to 1.75 GPM and pressures to 120 PSI.

Includes automatic pressure switch (adjustable) which shuts the pump down above set pressure.

3 chamber design. Can run dry and is selfpriming.

misting, aqua-culture, growing orchids. Precise metering pumps biotech. Big electric diaphragm pumps.

Click here to view the electronic level pump control to prevent flooding.

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    580 Series Super Flow Pump: These pumps are specifically designed for mobile low flow or low voltage applications such as RO water systems, pesticides and fertilizers. 24 VAC. Pressure switch set at 70 PSI. Connections are 3/8 " John Guest fittin...
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