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Flow Sleeve & SS Stand

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    Flow Sleeve & SS Stand
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Model Number
Munro SA400FS&S Flow Sleeve  SS Stand

Munro SA400FS&S

According to the Picture:

  1. Submersible Pump & Motor: Installed in cistern at 15ï½° angle with flow sleeve to meet manufacturer's requirements.
  2. Check Valve: Holds system pressure from flowing back into cistern or main city line.
  3. Discharge Hose: NSF approved clear braided hose to align discharge to house plumbing.
  4. Flow Sleeve: Manufactured to direct the water flow past motor for cooling.
  5. Stand: Stainless steel stand to position motor at 15ï½° angle to keep load against motor to prevent premature failure.
  6. Spacers bolted to flow sleeve for centering motor.
  7. To pressure tank and switch.


  • Casing Size: 4"
  • Discharge Size: 1"
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Model Number SA400FS&S
Weight (Lbs) 12.000000