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FatBoy Demand Diaphragm Pump

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    FatBoy Demand Diaphragm Pump
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Model Number
Remco 5518-1E1-94A FatBoy Demand Diaphragm Pump

THE PROFLO FATBOY PUMPS UP THE VOLUME WITH 7GPM 12vdc. Demanding industrial pump environments require precise engineering and quality components. ProFlo FatBoy was designed with both. To maximize the potential of all five diaphragm chambers, Remco matched it with a high torque, completely sealed motor. For its size, it is one of the most powerful and productive diaphragm pumps you can buy, pumping up to 7.0 gallons per minute.

Demand pumps operated as a positive displacement pump which has a pressure switch built in. When flow is open the pump runs, when the discharge is closed or restricted to much the pressure switch senses the set point and turns the pump off. If your specifications call for low noise, smooth operation, continuous operation and high capacity, the Fat Boy will meet the challenge. remco Typical Applications: Duty Spraying Pressure Cleaning agricultural Spraying Transfer Fertilizer de-icing or Deicer fluid Cleaning *Santoprene- EPDM-based thermoplastic elastomer and is resistant to mild acids, some solvents and bases 7870-101E-SB

Uses such as snow melt liquid deicer deicing: Potassium Acetate, Sodium Formate, 32% Calcium Chloride, FAA Compliant Ice Melters, Peladow, LS25, LS-25 CI, and a variety of Environmentally Friendly products SnowMelt. Prewetting / anti-icing, salt pre-wetting systems, salt brine, calcium & Mag chloride.

More Information
Model Number 5518-1E1-94A
Series ProFlow
Max Flow (GPM.) 7
Max Flow GPH 420
TDH Maximum (Ft) 138
TDH Maximum (PSI) 60
Inlet Connection Type Quick connect
Inlet (In.) 0.5
Outlet Connection Type Quick connect
Outlet (In.) 0.5
Wetted Materials PolyPro-GF
Elastomers / O-ring Viton
Diaphragm Santoprene
Voltage (V) 12DC
Voltage (Range) 12/24/36 VDC
Motor Amps (A) 25.0000
Motor TENV
Self Priming Yes
Max Operating Temperature (F) 140
Viscosity SAE 10 oil 88.00 cp 500.00 ssu
Mechanical Seal No
Cord Size 14/2
Cord Length (Ft.) 1
Duty Under 25 amps 60 min.
Drain No
Port Rotation No
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight (Lbs) 11.000000
Warranty (YRS.) 1

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 The Remco PowerRV Series provides a solution for every RV fluid pumping challenge, from potable water to gray and black water. 

Electric diaphragm demand pumps for fluid handling applications such as purification, light industrial, food and beverage, agricultural, and automotive.

Available in 12VDC, 24VDC, 115VAC