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Dual Float Switch BWSP

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    Dual Float Switch BWSP

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Watchdog BWC1 FLOAT Dual Float Switch BWSP

The Basement Watchdog dual float switch and controller are so revolutionary, they are changing the way the plumbing industry measures reliability! Until now there have been three varieties of float switches: vertical, tethered and pressure. Unfortunately, all three of these switches are subject to various forms of failure. Now a float switch has been created with redundant switches to eliminate these problems. The Basement Watchdog Dual Float Switch has, not one, but two floats mounted within a protective cage. Should one float fail to operate, the second float automatically activates the pump. The protective cage prevents debris or other wires from interfering with movement of the floats. The result… the most reliable float switch in the industry!

Dual Float Controller (Model # BWC1)

The dual float controller is included with all Basement Watchdog AC sump pumps. It activates the pump when water lifts the float switch, and runs the pump for an additional 10 seconds to completely empty the sump pit once the float returns to its original position. The dual float and controller are included with the Basement Watchdog AC pumps, and they can be purchased separately for use with other sump pumps that draw up to 12 amps.

More Information
Model Number BWC1 FLOAT
Warranty (YRS.) 1
Wetted Materials PolyPro
Voltage (V) 115
Voltage (Range) 110-120
Applications Submersible, Sump
Other float control is 12vdc
Weight (Lbs) 1.000000
Time to Ship (DAYS) 1 day